Bleeding Hearts - 2012 HerBallistic Garden
Spring is truly the most overwhelming season don't you think?
It's like you get an illness...a bug....to DO things!
Why is it that when you could have painted all winter, the fresh spring air
makes you want to freshen everything up and start painting?
While at the same time, you have gardens to prepare, seedlings started in your
kitchen (because your greenhouse from hell is inadequate for the new seedlings), you're looking at your windows and thinking a redo is in order for the curtains, and then....
you are also trying to enjoy the beautiful weather and kick back with friends.
Never mind the fact that you're dieting so you'll look good this summer in your shorts!
I have sooo many projects going on right now...I'm in a dither as to where to begin.
Magnolia Tree - 2012 HerBallistic Garden
So, what do I do?
I putter from one thing to the next saying "tomorrow, I'll do this", "on the weekend I'll do that"....and so on, and so on.
You make plans in your head like The Friendly Giant about your chair
placement in your outside space...or replacement.
You want to wash all your windows and walls and do a thorough spring cleaning!
But, you don't know where to begin!
Does anyone else feel this way?
We have 4 cubic yards of mulch coming in the morning for the new side of
our front garden and it will be dumped in our driveway....staring at us...
yelling at us actually....saying "Spread me on the garden!"
We need a yard boy.
Any takers?
Pasque Flower - 2012 HerBallistic Garden
I'd much rather just wander aimlessly in my gardens checking out
the new blooms for 2012 than have to actually think about
how Overwhelming this Season really is!
Anyone else agree?
Okay, okay....I'm going to paint now....a wardrobe I've been putting off forever!
5/1/2012 09:29:08 am

Oh yes I have many things I need to be doing.And I spend way to much time on the computer.That may have to change a bit as the weather gets warmer.Love those flowers especially those bleeding hearts.

5/1/2012 07:54:15 pm

They are beautiful aren't they? Wish they lasted all summer though! It's hard to motivate yourself sometimes! Thanks for commenting Anne. xo

Rukmini Roy
5/1/2012 07:34:32 pm

I'll take it. I'll be your yard girl :)

5/1/2012 07:55:07 pm

Get your butt over here then girl! Hahahaha! I'd love to work in the garden with you Rukmini! xo

Rukmini Roy
5/2/2012 05:53:49 pm

Over some iced tea! Ah fabulous shall spreading mulch would be

5/20/2012 11:33:17 pm

So true. I love spring because of all the new growth and life, but wow does that list get long. In addition to all the regular things that go on with our lives. But it seems to help to get that first big project done- paving stone patio, firepit and pathway- and then we can cut ourselves some slack. Enjoying your blog.

5/21/2012 09:14:08 am

You are so right! Once you get on a roll, you don't want to stop, but sometimes have to! I can't wait to see the next part of your yard! xo


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