Taken with Dan's iphone...
            This beauty on your left is my Canon A620 camera, which I bought ....oh.....let's say approximately 8-9 years ago!  I've used it quite a bit throughout the years, but really?  Just on the Auto settings.  I once took a gorgeous photo of a hummingbird that I submitted (because you could see the feathery wings fluttering very clearly) to a contest and won!  But, that would have been in the early years when the instructions on "how to use it" were still fresh in my head!  I mostly used it for family gatherings...you know - the usual things people pick their cameras up for or the odd bird outside in the yard and sunsets of course.

            It's a 7.1 megapixel and when it was bought, was worth quite a bit of money and was actually sought after.  Hahahaha!  Now you can pick up a Sure Shot and get 18mp...too funny!  What's even funnier is that years ago, when digital cameras first came out, Dan & I bought one of those Sony 5.1mp (I think 5.1, but we gave it to one of the kids after we bought the new one) and paid almost a thousand dollars with the super expensive memory stick and taxes!  Wow...cameras sure have come a long way.

            So, when I started this blog, I actually was using my iphone 4 for most of the shots, because the pictures were fairly wonderful, but then, of course, we all know I dropped that into my tea, so a new one is on hold 'til next week and I can't use that forever for my blog!   After I did that boneheaded move, I started to explore my old Canon and do you know what?  It's actually not a bad little camera for a newbie like me!  I found out how to just have certain colours show up like this photo here, just by spending Sunday afternoon playing with it outside.  Also, I found that I could adjust for macro setting, manual, portrait, scenery, shutter speed, panoramics and a whole host of other utilities.  That was when I decided I needed to learn how to use this camera properly, before I invest in a new SLR camera.

            This is where my daughter, Alana, comes into the picture (photo?).  We're having Dan's birthday this Saturday and the kids are coming...Alana is staying overnight...heeheehee...I'm going to pick her brain so badly!
I asked her yesterday to bring her ultra-deluxe camera to show me how to use the telephoto, wide angle and macro lenses in a tutorial for Mom.  I'm so glad our kids attended school - it's like having a secondary brain at your disposal! 

            In looking on various classified areas of the web, I found this beginners set of accessories for the Canon A620 at an extremely reasonable price (under $150.00 with taxes and delivery to Canada) on ebay and ordered it immediately.  I'm looking forward to playing with my camera now and hopefully sprucing this blog up a bit! 

            Another new learning experience, just from starting a blog. is underway!!  Yay!!

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