Today had better be a good day!  Yesterday, after painstakingly painting my vanity table for the bedroom for the past 1-1/2 weeks, I decided after lunch to be helpful and since the vanity was on old fashioned casters, I'd just roll it over to where it was going to be placed in the bedroom.  Well, I started to push it a wee bit, got it about a foot away from the starting point and it rolled right over onto the floor and smashed down onto the floor!  I couldn't catch it....  Luckily, none of the three mirrors on it broke or cracked (I thought afterward it was a good thing that Frog Tape was still around the edges of it...that probably helped?).  It's just that the framing of the main, center mirror came away from the actual table section...not right off...just cracked away.  I was almost crying...all that hard work!  Of course, Dan just said "Don't worry, I can fix it for you and you can just paint in the cracked area again."  Really?!  So calm!  I don't know why I do such stupid things...they just happen.  I anyone else like that?  You work so hard to make something perfect and then you pull a stupid-ass move and damage whatever it is?  I do this with recipes sometimes too...usually only when people are coming over to eat of course!  When no one is coming over, we have gourmet meals and nod our heads, moaning, speaking of how we'll make this for company next time they come over.  Hahahaha!  I'll let you know later how it turned out....with photos.

     Something I should probably mention is that I am the person who gets stuck in the lineup at the grocery store because they just ran out of receipt tape in the machine, or the person in front of me is counting out their pennies or needs a price check.  That person......the Murphy's Law person.....that's me!

P.S....Check out 'Decor - Antiques'  for photos beginning to end of my Vanity Table project...including "the accident"!
8/5/2011 01:18:17 am

wow, it looks beautiful!


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