Our poor sweet Blarney was neutered yesterday.
He is not happy.
Normally, he's a ball of fire, running, jumping, playing ecstatically
with his friends Rainy & Elmo, but, he's not allowed to do that for two weeks!
Are you kidding?!
I'm going stir crazy already just trying to keep him away from Rainy and
he has to wear this lovely contraption.
Note the peaved look on his face....I had just put this on him because, of course,
he was licking his incision....why?  Because he can!  Hahaha!
Blarney's facial expressions crack me right up!
And, if he's ticked at you (for saying No is usually the reason) he'll "talk" back
at you in a long tirade and lift his paw up as if to swat you!
Here's a few photos of pre-surgery taken a few days ago.
He's such a happy go lucky puppy!  Almost 6 months old!
His coat is starting to come in with beautiful waves and feathering.
But, this sad face makes me feel so badly for him.
I prefer to look at this funny face....
Okay...I know this looks a wee bit morose, but truly, the only time
I've seen him sad is when I put that collar on him!
I'm not getting much done at all because I'm constantly having to take him out back
on a leash and stop him from being his funloving, playful self.
Give us strength!
4/20/2012 08:32:55 am

Aw that face! My Jake was expert at faces! His best was when I got home from work or wherever and he would come half way down the stairs wagging his tail and showing his teeth and sort of sucking air through them in excitement...then he would sit with his head on one side and one side of his mouth would sort of stick to his tooth in a lopsided grin...I called it his Elvis impression!

Poor little chap...good luck keeping him 'quiet' lol!

4/20/2012 11:36:27 am

Poor baby! Good luck keeping that boy quiet for two weeks!

4/20/2012 10:04:47 pm

Oh Blarney! He is getting soooo big! I remember years ago when Ollie was fixed and had to wear that thing. It might have lasted a day or two I remember he destroyed it by banging it into the wall. I hope it goes well and he heals up quickly!

4/21/2012 06:45:49 am

Aww poor thing.I hope Blarney feels better soon.

4/25/2012 02:03:00 pm

God Wendy, how much has he grown in the past few months!!! Poor thing though... I had been rabbit neutered and he also behaved very unlikely of him. Dont worry blarney, you'll be fine :) *peck*


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