You may recall the posting
"Grow 110lbs of Potatoes??  We shall See!"
from May 3rd last month?
Only one month ago, we decided to try out this idea we found
on Pinterest from and the results have been crazily amazing so far!

I know....holy cow!  Time to add soil and another level of framing!
The photo above was taken around the end of Week Three when yet
another level is required to be added....but we got so busy, we hadn't added it yet.
Finally, today, Dan just added whatever wood he could find hanging around and
it STILL seems to need another layer!
I'm amazed at how lush and healthy this potato plant is and can't wait to
start harvesting potatoes from it!
So far....EXCELLENT!
Because the progress has been so quick, I do believe you could go
and make your own in time to have potatoes still this year.
It sure beats "mounding" individual potato plants and weeding all around them!
I'll keep you updated later in the season.
6/4/2012 10:55:32 am

I love seeing healthy plants growing in the garden it is soooo exciting! You potato plant looks wonderful! I hope it produces lots of good ones! My squash plants are coming along wonderfully and I can't wait to be able to pick my first one...which should be fairly soon. Hope you are well!

5/5/2013 01:35:02 pm

Building the potato box, how many potatoes do you plant in each box. I read 8 -12 but just checking for sure.

10/23/2014 02:45:24 pm

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