Once or twice a year, I dream of a house.  This is my recurring dream.  Although I don't know if this house pictured here is the house...this is the sense I feel of what the outside of it would look like...jumbled, disjointed and added-on to! 

            The dream started out years ago with me walking through this house and oohing & aahing at the kitchen & dining area, the living room and washroom in total bliss, happily telling whoever I was with in my dream "how much we can do with this place".  It was an old house, of that I'm sure, and I didn't think much of it at the time, but gradually, as the dream recurred, I added onto it.

        First, I added a few bedrooms and was clapping my hands in glee, standing in whatever room I'd added on to.  Then there were extra washrooms....and all the decorating was down to the last candle, pictures on the wall...everything.  Then, one day, I added a secret room....so weird.....you walked up the wide colonial staircase (you know the kind that kids slide down the bannisters on in the movies?) you came to a hallway, which had several bedrooms leading off it already.  These bedrooms were all done to the nines...I mean the nines....some had canopy beds and were rich colours of emerald greens, deep burgundy reds with lots of frou-frou and definitely tons of bling!  But, back to the secret room....there was this little square door in the hallway, about 2ft high and maybe 18" wide, which looked like a door for access to the pipes or something, and if you went through this door, you had to crawl a little ways up to another access, but then you were in the most awesome hidden apartment! 

        This apartment was gloriously, fabulously decorated like something out of Better Homes and Gardens, and the washroom was to die for!  Jacuzzi tub, beautiful marble fixtures, deep plush rugs on a marble floor, all in gorgeous earth tones...it was nuts!  Like, honestly, that's the part of the house I wanted to live in the most!   I remember being so joyful that I had found this extra space in our house for people to come and stay.

        When I looked up the meaning of dreaming about a house and adding rooms, I came up with this theory in total...I dream of this because  I feel like everyone I meet, who is down and out on their luck at that moment, needs me to take them in and give them a home!  It's true!  Honestly!  Dan says to me all the time, "most people bring home stray cats...my wife brings home stray people"!  And we do!  In fact, right now we have a "stray" person staying with us in our home until October 1st!  How nuts is that?  I mean, we finally get the kids out of the house, not that we don't love them to bits!, and we finally have privacy, and what do we do?....we bring in another person!  What is up with that?

        So, inherently, I believe, you can't change who you are or what you do...even in your dreams.  You think you dream about unattainable things, but you don't....you are only dreaming about your own life in a warped manner that makes you think you are having this fantastic, fantasy dream....but it's real...but it's not...but it is!

        Dream a little dream!


Brian Smith
8/31/2011 06:25:29 am

Great story Wendy...and so timely!

You see, I know this stray who lives in a cave in Burlington....


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