So, imagine my surprise when I sat down this morning
with my cup of coffee and checked out my favourite blogs first.
Trumatter being right up there at the top because
I've formed a friendship with Rukmini.
Well, not only is she an awesome photographer, but....she sings!

In her words from her posting today.....

"I don’t know if I have ever told anyone of you here about this band of ours called Colaba Point for which I sing at times when required An initiative born out of casual jamming sessions and free will, I was not a part of their ideal line up, but joined much later when he discovered that I can sing! About that trait of mine- later.  The album is yet to be released but you can find our first album on bandcamp."

So, I clicked on the "bandcamp" and looked for the song Rukmini sings in and
was stunned.  She sounds like Suzanne Vega!  Remember that?  "My Name is Luka" and
"Tom's Diner".  Well this one is called Certain Days and Rukmini's voice is beautiful.
The band is also wonderful, of course!  It's an easy, flowing music, but you can discern
that they are definitely musicians with major skills.

I hope she doesn't mind me promoting her man's band, Colaba Point, but I
really wanted other people to hear this!
They live in Mumbai, India and hopefully will be playing in North America one day!

Thanks for sharing Rukmini....and she told someone, and she told someone, and so on...
Start your morning off with a song!

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Rukmini Roy
2/15/2012 08:26:13 pm

I'm blushing for real.You shouda seen me this very moment.

N no, I dont mind a bit about you promoting the band. I'm rather honored.

Thank you for the shout out early in the morning. Some day I will sing it for you with a cuppa when Im in the neck of the woods, I promise. And I hope that day comes soon.

Love ya!

2/15/2012 08:39:56 pm

I can't wait! We can hang out with Maureen and sing songs and craft and take photos! Hahaha! xoxo

2/17/2012 12:29:33 am

Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful voice and wonderful song ...


2/17/2012 08:36:48 am

Beautiful voice, lovely song :)

2/17/2012 08:37:07 pm

I know and she's so shy about it! She is a real sweetheart with a lovely voice! xo

2/23/2012 12:33:40 pm

Thanks so much for joining in with my weekly Pinning & Singing party. I really enjoyed listening to this great song and I always love hearing new music so please keep finding new stuff to listen to!!

Best wishes.
Natasha In Oz


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