I just had to share the serenity of this photo
taken off our back deck on Wednesday evening....it's so beautiful.
Don't you feel like pouring a big mug of hot chocolate,
bundling into warm clothes and just relaxing?
Here's to life's moments.

(On that note....I won't be having a 5th day of Christmas Crafts until next week...
apparently cement primer doesn't dry as fast as I had hoped!  hahaha!
Have an AWESOME weekend!)
12/3/2011 03:19:45 pm

What a stunning photograph, my goodness! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your lovely visit, come over again, you¡re very welcomed and appreciated. Sorry for not writing back soon, but I had grandgirls for 11 days and had not much time left, lol! Have a great Sunday. FABBY

12/9/2011 08:31:26 am

Wow, Wendy......what a beautiful view you have! Such a blessing to live where you do!!!! :)

xoxo laurie


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