_Again...one of Alana's crazy crafts!
This photo is her when she was in San Francisco with Mark last year...just to show you how completely off the wall she is....in so many zany photos of her
it was hard to pick one!
Alana 29yrs old...hahaha!

She said a few months ago to me...."Mom, I was in my graphic arts class and our
teacher showed us this awesome medium she used to make jewellery and keychains and all kinds of wondrous stuff!  So, I bought it and brought it to you and now we can do this awesome craft together!  Yay!"
It sat in my house for awhile until we could co-ordinate our schedules
and yesterday was the day.
(Anything to get out of doing her coffee table in driftwood finish)
I thought...right on!  This sounds like soooo much fun! 
Boy....was I wrong?  Just kidding...it was 5 hours of fun, but it was a complete wash...other than the learning experience we got from it!
And the extremely hilarious bouts of laughter we caused among Dan & Mark,
Alana & myself while the "Shrinky Dinks" (which they completely were....hahaha) baked in the oven into unrecognizable blobs of art.

Here's the package...in case at the end of this you think you might want to try it!
So....how it works is you use the transparency sheets to print off a graphic
from your computer using an "inkjet" printer and following the directions given in the package.  Laser printers get too hot on transparencies to print properly.
Keep in mind that the graphic you print is going to shrink to 1/3rd of it's size.

Here's what we printed off in the hopes of making rings!
Now, after we printed this one off, we realized you have to
print it off 50% lighter, which was a whole other challenge to figure out
how to do that....but we did.
Here it is with the lighter mode in place which we found
in Microsoft Picture Manager while setting the page up.

Now, we attempted the clear transparencies....not good.
SO BAD!!!  So horrid!  See the runny lines?  Does anyone know
how to do this properly?  If so, I would really appreciate knowing how to
print onto clear transparencies without the running ink???

We trimmed up the individual graphics, rounding the edges for wrap
around rings and placed them strategically on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.
After baking for 3 minutes, and seeing them curling up and then flattening out (except for the ones that curled up together....note to self....don't place pre-baked strips so close together ever again!), we had to grab them faster than what we thought because we lost half the batch to hardening...meaning they would become fridge magnets, not rings.
See how small they shrink up to?  And, we obviously put too many of them on at once, because they cool so fast, you can only put a couple on at a time if you have any hopes of molding them into the shape you want!
If you try to mold them when they are almost cool, they break.
That's right....throw those puppies out.
We attempted to put them back in to soften them up.
Nope....bad idea.
Do you think this is where you need a teacher in the room?
I'm thinking...yah....that'd be great!
Bird Graphics courtesy of Graphics Fairy
This is what we ended up with....a couple rings and lots of hard flat pieces for
possibly magnets or hair barrettes?  Too funny!  Live and learn!
But, we did get an idea of what would and wouldn't work.
That big blob up in the right corner was a very large piece...like a 6x8" page
which Mark was going to make into a keychain, but it scrunched up into itself
and stayed that way...so beware...don't make large items!
See how much you're learning?
Play along with me....la,la,la-la!
The rings are pretty hard to size and I only got one good one out of the batch.....
on my index finger!  or thumb!
Um...yah.....I did everything I possibly could to this photo in Picnik to take your
attention off my 49yr old elephant hands....guess it's time to start using handcream everyday instead of just when I think of it? 
Okay....so I'm not going to be doing hand shots on commercials....I'm okay with it.

We had a hoot attempting this craft for FIVE HOURS today.
Dan & Mark laughed and shared knowing looks with each other as Alana & I freaked over the curling transparencies, ha-ha'd over the unrecognizable blobs, and
agonized over just about every little step of this whole procedure!

I actually just had a thought!  I could make markers for my herbs and they'd
be weatherproof plastic, but permanent!  Or, tags for preserves....
oooooh....the ideas are coming fast and furious now!

Don't try this at home....or actually....do try it and tell me how you made out!
Or....pull out your sewing machine instead...like I should have done!

Sunday's Best Linky Party!
1/16/2012 02:10:11 am

That's sooo funny! I do like the idea of herb markers though.

1/16/2012 04:12:19 am

Yes...you would have laughed hard and long at us Maureen...although I'm sure you would have been right in there causing as much commotion as we did! Hahaha! xo

1/17/2012 01:31:29 am

Ha! Wow...I don't think I would have the patience to make these things! Too bad the clear stuff didn't work, that could have been cool :D They look neat though still on the white, once you get the hang of it :D

1/17/2012 02:25:01 am

If you had been there, I'm sure it would have been a little better! We tend to get a little confused! hahahaha! xo

1/17/2012 01:46:29 am

OH how funny, but at least you guys had a day filled with laughter! The ring did turn out pretty and the idea about using them as plant markers is great!

I thought about trying this but keep putting it off............ :0)

Have a wonderful week.

1/17/2012 02:26:09 am

Thanks Tina....at least if you do try it...you know what NOT TO DO! xo

1/18/2012 09:19:01 am

Great story, Wendy! I like the rings that you did end up with. I also think barrettes and garden markers are great ideas! Trial and error is the best way to learn, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing and linking up at my Show & Tell party. I love having you!

1/18/2012 12:21:21 pm

Really enjoyed reading your story. Really like the idea of herb/garden markers, would be so pretty. Love the bird ring. Love birds. So glad your back, missed you. Remember what we talked about? Still going to move forward with it, but things have been crazy here. When it moves forward you are definitely part of it.

Rukmini Roy
1/19/2012 01:52:13 am

Ah! I would love one of this....flat ringed, any shape. Most importantly, you had fun. :) Your daughter is full of life and pretty!

1/21/2012 11:43:25 pm

What a fiasco;) LOL! But it seemed like you guys were having fun! And at least you got one good ring out of it along with experience! I had a fiasco with my candle making last week...but it was a good learning experience so if I try it again, I'll be more prepared! That's what's great about fiasco projects! :D


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