My Six Month Anniversary of Blogging is in two days!
Personally, I can't believe I'm actually still blogging.
I'm usually the type of (Gemini) person to start and stop things rather quickly.
You know the type....that knows a little bit of everything, but not well?

I thought I'd just highlight some of my past postings over the next couple days for those of you who may not have known I even existed and don't have the patience or time to look back at everything I've written or accomplished.

Ghosts In The House

A little story about how the ghosts from the 1800s cemetary
next door have affected our household.

Lavender & Lounging

Tidbits of healthful information
on the healing properties of lavender and how to use it.

Baked Garlic Shrimp

Mop up the delicious broth with french bread.

The Shy Girl

Have hope...Shyness does disappear
if you want it to.

The Tray is Done!

My hellish journey to redo a battered tea tray
and the mistakes I made (like crazy) along the way.

I'll put some more out tomorrow....I know....you can hardly wait right?
(sarcasm...for those of you that don't know me yet...)
I actually do feel a little weird "showcasing" my stuff....but okay....I'm over it!

2/6/2012 03:27:29 am

Congratulations ! And don't feel weird , I am a fairly new follower and had't seen some of the older posts ( although I will be checking them out , especially the ghost one ! )
And P.S. please don't stop :)

2/6/2012 07:19:15 am

Thanks Dawn...that's sweet. Definitely check out the ghost story...it's awesome! They don't bother us anymore...that we know of! xo

2/6/2012 03:45:20 am

Aw, congratulations! Your blog is so awesome! <3

2/6/2012 07:19:54 am

My biggest fan! Awww! xo

2/6/2012 06:17:26 am

Happy anniversary! I think it's a great idea to show some of the older posts. Some terrific stuff is blogged when there are only half a dozen people reading and it's nice for newer members to catch up on it.

2/6/2012 07:21:53 am

Okay...you run a close second to Megan! You did tell me to do this before and after mulling it over, I decided you were right...again! Thanks, xo

(I don't know why my comments appear to be coming up underneath all the comments again...is that happening to you guys?)

2/6/2012 08:54:33 am

Congrats Wendy! I love reading your blog and sooo thankful that you reached out to me a couple months ago when I was just getting started. I appreciate our bloggy friendship!


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