I know I said I'd be blogging about the Antique Shop in Cambridge we
visited over the Christmas Season...however, I'm so excited about
my experiment today that I must share...
(and we have had company drop in today....so...need to be quickish)

A couple months ago, after starting to follow Rosemary at Villabarnes, I ordered
a splendid blender pen from an online website because....you can't get them at
Michael`s in Canada.....and...it finally came right before Christmas!

I stashed it away to play with when I had a single, solitary moment to myself and today,
remembered and tried it out!  I`M IN LOVE WITH IT!
We are going to the States on the weekend and I`m going to buy more!
It was so much faster than Citrasolve and now I can't wait until all our
company (family and guests) LEAVE!  But, shhh.....they're still here....hahaha!
Just kidding!  I love them being here!

Here's what I experimented with today....a wee little bathbag with a graphic from
The Graphics Fairy.

Thanks Rosemary!
1/3/2012 06:32:42 am

Hi Wendy,
Have read about that pen! looked for it at Michaels couldn't find it. Will hunt again after reading your post.

1/3/2012 06:38:07 am

That looks fantastic. I will have to look for them!

1/3/2012 03:13:32 pm

Im jealous. Oh Wendy, if you buy more, would you please let me know of the cost? Coz i definitely won't get it here. :-/ I'll prolly ask someone from US

1/3/2012 11:19:17 pm

Thanks for stopping by my blog Wendy, so nice to meet you! Enjoyed reading your blog! Following you!

4/3/2012 05:52:29 am

Hi Wendy,please could you let me know what website you ordered the splendid blender pen from? I have searched everywhere here in Florida and cannot find one. Thanks so much , Sally x

4/16/2012 02:32:08 am

Would you be willing to share where you ordered your Splendid Blender? I am completely at a loss - the "blender" pen now offered by ChartPak does not seem to be the same thing.

Could you help?

4/16/2012 06:56:51 pm

Hey Pamela....I wrote back to you on your blog! the regular blender pens seem to be working great for me now! Maybe it's the technique? Not sure.... xo

4/12/2013 02:48:44 pm

Where or where is the Splendid Blender? Please let me know

7/2/2013 12:13:26 am

If you can't find the Splendid Blender, the Chartpak AD Marker blender is the same marker with a different label, sometimes easier to find in stores :) -Jen with Chartpak, jcadran@chartpak.com


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