I know we're all totally sucked in by puppy photos right?
And, I swore I wouldn't be one of those people that
shows photos of their pets all over their blog,
Sweet Blarney is just so darned cute!
And, when I noticed that the most ever views I ever had on my site was the day
I posted about Blarney's big homecoming  HERE and shared him with you,
I thought.....hmmmm.
I think they like doggie photos!
(not sure what that says about anything else I do here...but not even going to mull that one over for too long or it might make me crazy!)

Okay....so tell me he isn't the schmoosiest little pup in the whole wide world!
I dare yah!
He's so silky soft and so sweet tempered.
The other day I was sitting on a big comfy chair with my feet on the ottoman, reading my kindle (of course) and he crawled up onto me and nuzzled his head in the crook of my arm and went right to sleep....snoring gently.
He's now 13 weeks, but this was taken at 12 weeks.
His colouring has darkened up to the rich mahogony it will be when he's an adult even more in the past week and the feathering in his coat is starting to fill in.
He understands "no" and tries very hard to listen.
He sits for his supper and treats.
He almost never has accidents on the floor anymore.
What's not to love!?
Oh...okay....maybe I have a problem with the large branches he tries to bring
through the doggie door sometimes.  Or, this incredible yelp/talk he bellows at
our other dogs when he wants something they have have.  Um, yah...I've got to admit, the jumping up onto the counter with his front paws to try to get the food up there is a little
irksome.  Oh!  Best of all...he loves to grab my dirty socks or underwear out of the laundry basket which just happens to be near the doggie door, and take them outside to play with.....but he's only a puppy!
That's what they do right?
God love 'im!

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2/9/2012 10:35:35 am

Aww you could just snuggle him all day xx

2/9/2012 06:49:15 pm

I know! He loves to snuggle. Everytime I walk past him, I have to bend down and pet him...then I end up petting down to pet the other two....so sweet! xo

2/9/2012 03:49:39 pm

Awwwwwwww...come here boy! I'm loving him. He is so sweet Wendy. Look at that face...how can you ever scold him.

2/9/2012 06:50:28 pm

I haven't really had to scold him...oh...you know...just the "Blarney, no! Don't put muddy paws on my white comforter!" hahahaha! xo

2/11/2012 04:34:41 am

wow! The chandeliers are gorgeous!!!!

I'm going to mention your give away on my facebook page.

happy weekend!
Sharon @ mrs. hines class

2/21/2012 01:35:18 am

Love the chandies and the new baby...you're enourmously blessed!

Betty Kittinger
8/21/2012 11:16:56 pm

I, too, have one of Barb's pups from Penny's litter last February 2012. I must agree that Barb is one of the most caring breeders I have seen. Today my Cinnamon is 5 mos old and today she is having surgury. I have to say that I did not realize how empty my house would be without her. Although very busy she has been the love of my life over the past 4 mos. I would highly recommend Barb's pups to anyone interested. They have the sweetest disposition I have seen in an Irish Setter. (although, I have never met a mean setter). Thank you for sharing the photo's, Blarney so reminds me of my minnie!!


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