There's nothing quite so lovely and serene as the early morning hours on the Grand.  I was up before the birds today and when I finally hauled my head out of the computer and looked out the window, I saw the river misted up from east to west and was compelled to make my way down to the dock to soak up the blissful scenery.  This is the view to the west shown at the left here and while I was down at the dock a beautiful, graceful heron took off right across from me gliding across the still water and soaring into the sky.   I've spent many mornings here in the past 2-1/2 years gazing at the river.  It literally can take your breath away, calm and make your troubles seem trivial as you gaze into it's depths.

        When we go down to our dock, it feels as if we're in the dense bush of Northern  Ontario.  It's hard to see any indication of humanity down there...no homes are visible, during the summer months, through the high banks and thick trees, making you feel isolated in a tranquil sense.  Fish are nibbling at the surface of the mirror-like water, birds everywhere are warbling their morning songs and there you sit in the middle of it, soaking it all in to your psyche.  How wondrous is that?   The mist from the east river view was phenomenally breathtaking this morning.  It's a shame it doesn't last long enough, but just that brief visit with nature has started my day off on a course of harmony.  

Peace and love to all today! 

Brian Smith
8/30/2011 02:02:14 am

Just wondering while I read your blog and looked at the beautiful pictures...is envy a character fault? LOL

Good on Ya Wendy, you and Dan earned your little slice of Paradise!

8/30/2011 06:03:45 am

That's so sweet Brian! Thanks!

8/30/2011 11:48:00 am

I was finally able to subscribe. Yay!


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