All I can say is WOW! 
Okay...maybe I can say a little more than that!

Saturday, Dan's sister & brother-in-law invited us to their neighbours farm
across the road from them.
I met some lovely people there!
Kim Davies, who owns the business Tattered & Torn and sells from Southworks
in Cambridge, Ontario knows her stuff...when it comes to shabby chic...she's got it
down to an art.  She opened up a quonset hut on her property to the public for the weekend and it was "Spectacular"!

Here's where she lives.....
I know...funny!  But, seriously, all you can see around their place
is wheat for miles it seems!

Here's what we saw before entering the mecca and I was hooked already!
See these Newel Posts...I really wanted one of these...but couldn't
justify the price!  I'm hoping if any were left, I can go back
and swing a deal for one of's for my secret project!
Shhhhh. we venture through the door.  Picture me with my mouth hanging open
and delight dancing across my eyes!
I was in love, love, love with the merchandise inside and felt like I'd walked into
the past and was enthralled!  I examined every single corner of that place...
like...3-4 times!
Amazing reupholstering with Authentic Grain Sacks....

See all the grain sacks hanging on the rack in the background?
They were $200.00 each....wayyyy over my budget, but I was in love with them!
I thought this wrought iron item would make an awesome
Elmo (our Shipoo) bed, but he really does prefer our bed..
and he's got his oh so shabby shic stepstool now, so that's not happening!

Check this booth out carefully...there's so much to see in it!

Although this photo didn't turn out as sharp as I wanted, I decided to
include it anyway....the chair was made, I believe, and correct me
please if I'm wrong?  from an old carriage seat?
And, I love the shoes on top!

Here's another of Kim's booths.  She did have a few other vendors in
the building who's wares were just as wonderful as hers!
I'm not doing justice to this venue, because honestly, it was like you were
walking through an 1800's Better Homes & Garden Fair.
I found these wee little Vintage Copper Stamps and bought one!
I thought they'd be fabulous to put on some of my herbal concoctions as a label!

This little lovely is.....MINE!
We  bought this wrought iron washstand which had a wash bowl in it (which we
didn't want) because we're going to refurbish this into our new
powder room sink!
Pat, who sold this to us was a very sweet person.  She gave me her e-mail address
and told me to give her a call....cuz she has lots more goodies in her home!

_Dan already started stripping it when we brought it home because
he's as excited about this as I am!  It works out perfectly because we can
integrate the pipework underneath and....well....I won't give away all the secrets
we're doing to it.  You'll just have to watch and see in a later post!
The gunky stripper is doing it's job....drip, splat, drip.

Sadly, I had perused enough, spent too much, and had to leave.
I could have stayed there all day soaking in the pleasures of another time!

I hope you enjoyed this outing as much as I did?!
Big thanks to Kim & her husband Dan for having this venue!
11/23/2011 03:11:18 am

Being Wendy's sister-in-law is quite a treat! She has such an eye and flare for turning anything old into new (except her husband who's my brother xo)!!! Kim, Dan, their family and friends did a terrific job setting up their sale and show! Wonderful people, wonderful neighbors! Cheers! Looking forward to the next one! Love ya Wendy xo


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