So, you know those company Christmas Parties you took your kids to
for years and years religiously?
Mine was the Police Christmas Party and it was always on a Sunday after church.
There would be the Balloon Man, lunch, donuts (shock), and lots of hugs &
kisses with the finale, of course, lining up for a photoshot with Santa.
Now, not only did I take my two girls there because I was a 911 Operator/Police Dispatcher, but I also grew up going to these
same parties with my Mom & Dad because my father was a police officer for 34 yrs.
And, after Dan & I met, we continued to go with our blended family
because Dan is also a retired police officer.
....just keepin' it in the family!

I'm thinking that some of you may have had this same "little issue" with
one of your children.
They're terrified of Santa Claus!

Every year, I pull out the cards that hold the photos that were taken over
the years and KILL MYSELF LAUGHING at the following three years worth of memories
that I absolutely have to share with you, so you too can have a chuckle!
Oh yes...this is my youngest daughter, Megan!

1992 - 3yrs old
So, there's Alana trying to be all prim and proper for her
photo with Santa (big moment you know?!) and
Megan is losing it!

1993 - 4yrs old
No way is Megan getting on Santa's lap!
"If you want a photo...take it now or I'm outta here!"
Alana was probably a little distraught due to her sister's behaviour....
not like her to ruin a photo shoot!

1994 - 5yrs old
It only took three years to get her to "sit nicely" for the
photographer at the parties!

Hope your memories are as special as mine will always be!
Do you have any to share with me?
12/20/2011 10:45:04 am

Hey, it only took Megan 2 years to sit on old Santa's lap, I'd say that's pretty good process!

Rukmini Roy
12/20/2011 08:37:36 pm

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.... it is beyond chuckle. I had a hearty laugh. Yes yes, I have tons of memories of my nephew to share...I will perhaps do a post about it.

12/20/2011 08:42:51 pm

I know right? It's like reading one of those coffee table books with old fashioned photos that people have put captions on! Sooo funny! xo


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