I'd like to spend this posting thanking the people who contribute to my blog
in soooo many ways!

Thanks to my friend, my neighbour, and a newbie blogger like myself...

Maureen @ It's All Connected.
She's a kind, diverse, intelligent person and she's posted two guest blogs
for me this past Thursday and check back to see what she talks about, because it's something most of us, being bloggers, are interested in!
Thankyou Maureen!  I didn't have to have a lapse on my blog, while I care for
 the people close to me who recently had surgeries!
And....thanks for blah,blah,blah-ing with me all about blogs everytime we get together! 
We're addicted!

Thanks to an inspirational blogger who so many turn to during their recycling of
furniture, crafting holiday decor, gifts,'s endless!
Without her linky parties, I wouldn't have seen half of the beautiful ideas other bloggers do.

Thankyou Graphics Fairy!
The Graphics Fairy

Thanks to Cathy at My 1929 Charmer
who actually featured my Rose and Lavender Bath Salts Tutorial
on her Sunday's Best Linky Party yesterday!
Now, I actually get to put up this button for it and it made me smile big!

I was featured at My 1929 Charmer!

This blogger here....
Photobucket" /> me inspiration.  I love, love, love browsing through her
ideas, tutorials and vignettes.  Something about her work hits my heart and I can only
aspire to be as creative as she is...but she is my 'go to' blog
when I'm feeling blue.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work Rosemary!

And, thanks to all the wonderful people who comment and send e-mails!
I'm having so much fun with this blog and it's given me some
direction in my world again, because I felt like I was
just knocking about not knowing what to do with myself since I've been off
work with my back and now I have focus and it's something I can do!

11/6/2011 01:43:29 am

Awww, as always, you are so generous with your praise. As soon as you have finished taking care of all your folks, we are looking forward to some great posts! Nursing tips maybe? haha


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