Has anyone ever had a dog that ran...and ran....and ran....an escape artist dog?  That's our Rainy.  She's 1-1/2yrs old and her breed is broken up into 4 parts - maternal is Blue Tick Coonhound/Blue Heeler, paternal is Shephard/Akita and she's what we call "A Going Concern"! 

            In the 1-1/2yrs we've had her, we've pretty much barricaded our border fencing.   This dog has actual fingers!  When she was a little puppy, she'd just crawl over the fence, scrabbling up and beyond after getting a good hold on the top of the short gate we used to have.  And, off she'd go...running gleefully down the middle of the highway!  Not a care in the world....just "I'm free!"

            First, we added a screen to the top of the fence, but she tore through that, so up went the chicken wire to cover this side (the inside) of the screen.  Then she just started pulling herself up & over the side fences on the gate, thus the lattice.  After that, it was digging under the fence....I mean...this dog wants to run!

            Once we had this all barricaded, we thought we had a foolproof solution.  We were soooo wrong!  That's when she started jumping the fence by the cemetary.  She'd get up on the woodpile (which has since been moved out from the fence) and just leap into the cemetary.  That was okay at that time, because she was pretty much cornered in the cemetary, but now the front gate of the cemetary is broken, so it's right back out to the highway again!  This is all moot now though, because she can't get through that side anymore. 

            At one point, we had her on a long leash that reached the perimeter of the yard almost everywhere.  It was attached to a cement block, but I'll tell yah...if she wanted something badly enough...she'd just drag that block with her!  We bought one of those wireless electric fence units and took it back after reading that if your dog is particulary stubborn - our dog? what? - they would just barrel through it and put up with the shock.  Go figure!

            Slowly, while spending time outside, we decided we could trust her again.  WRONG!  That's when she started digging under the fence that's midway down the bank to the river....very awkward for Dan to fix and he spent hours and hours barricading with cement blocks, chicken wire, frost fence, rebar...you name it, he tried it.  And, when she got out...it was straight across the stairs to the east, up the hill, into the cemetary (which is open at the bank side) and right out the broken front gate onto the highway!  Fun!

            That was when Dan would go after her on foot, I'd go in the vehicle with weiners and leash in hand and we'd chase her down the country road nearby off the highway.  She really likes weiners.

            Today, I had her on the inventive, big, blue, holey ball on the end of her leash (it gets caught up in whatever she's trying to get through) and she managed to dig under the side of the stairs leading to the dock, crawl under the stairs, out the steel stairs to the west, over the steel stairs to the east and wrapped herself around a few tree trunks and some lovely vines.  Did I mention how fun this is?  I got her unhooked and led her back up to the house by her collar, went back and collected the leash and was all mucky, full of burrs and just generally not happy.

            I know we have to put a new fence in and maybe rebar every 6" along, deep into the bank, but we'll have to hire a contractor to do that.  The slope is ridiculous!  Anyway, she's back on her long leash, now attached to the deck and I hate doing that to a dog, but, it is what it is!

            I so hope you've enjoyed a "Day in the Life of Rainy"

10/3/2011 09:52:59 pm

must be the blue heeler in them! My Kelsey is an escape artist as well. The only good thing is when you catch up to her and tell her she is 'busted' she immediately lies on her back with all four paws in the air. As to fingers? We had to change the way the handle is mounted on our front door since she figured out how to open it.
fun and games

10/3/2011 11:15:45 pm

Oh Alice! It's good to know we're not alone! Too funny about the front door handle! xo


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