We've all seen the Seinfeld Episode about the Soup Nazi...
This past Friday morning, I was in Southampton with my friend Nancy, and as usual
we made our way into town to eat at our favourite breakfast restaurant,
The Lighthouse Restaurant.

It wasn't too busy when we arrived, but we were early....salivating no less
because we were getting Eggs Benedict!  Yum!
We've been going there for the last 15 years.  I've blogged about my wonderful experiences at this restaurant HERE where I rave about my
Macedonian Omelette.
This is what I usually order when I visit....I can't get past the deliciousness of it!
However, on this day (Friday) we decided to do the Eggs Benny.
We ordered and sat back to await the arrival of our mecca.
When it came, we cut into our eggs and the yolks were hard.
Not a huge deal, but....that's not how Eggs Benedict are supposed to be.
You're supposed to be able to swirl your yolks around in the yummy
hollandaise sauce and enjoy the burst of flavours that bring joy to your palate!
Am I right?  Am I wrong?
Well, Nancy asked the waitress, very nicely, if she could please make us two
new eggs each because the yolks were cooked too much.
At $9.50 a plate, I don't feel that was asking for something unattainable?
I told the waitress, very sweetly, that we were fine with the rest of the food on
our plates...not to make new plates or anything....and we thanked her very much
and proceeded to wait for our "perfect" eggs.
Nancy looked over to the opening to the kitchen and saw the cook scowling at
the waitress and waving his hands in an "off with you" gesture.
The waitress walked up to our table and said "Ladies, I've been told to ask you to leave."
Nancy thought she was joking and asked her if she was,
and she said "No, you have to go...now."
I said, "You've got to be kidding....we've been coming here for 15 years."
She just shook her head.
So, we left.
In shock.
We couldn't believe it! 
Can you?
We're both 50yr old, middle class women...we weren't drunk and disorderly
and we were not rude AT ALL.
We're still shaking our heads....as is everyone we told.
We're hoping the owners, who weren't there, are as shocked and appalled as we were.
Frankly, it was extremely embarassing and thank god we were at the closest booth
to the door, or there may have been a scene, had more people realized what was
happening because we would have informed them about the cooks behaviour!
Have you ever been kicked out of a restaurant for sending your food back to be fixed?
I'd love to know.
I'm not leaving it at just blogging about it....I want an apology.
I seriously will be taking it further very soon.
That cook has ruined our favourite breakfast spot for both Nancy & I and we're
so disappointed because it was always a happy place for us.
Just like the photo of the Soup Nazi at the top of this page, the Egg Nazi of
Southampton feels the Customer is always wrong.
"No Eggs for You!"

7/16/2012 02:28:32 am

Sorry about your embarrassment but this breaks me up! The whole idea of Wendy skulking out of a restaurant over her 'bad' behaviour is hilarious. I bet it will be a long time before you consider sending anything back to the kitchen.

7/16/2012 02:38:36 am

Hey! I walked out with my head held high...I think...lol! xo

7/16/2012 09:32:06 am

LOL ... Our heads were shaking back and forth and we were silently mouthing. "WTF" ! Unbelievable bit believe me.... It happened .... No eggs for us and I can decide whether to boycott the restaurant with the bad service or to go back and request another plate of eggs Benny .... And if they are not up to snuff .................

7/16/2012 10:31:35 am

Terrible story! I know you must be so upset and ticked off! and hungry!!

7/16/2012 10:24:52 pm

WHAT??? You should have went ahead and slapped the cook. Of course your eggs shouldnt be cooked. It should be gooey. You are absolutely right. You take it further. And thats no reason to ask you to go away...

7/27/2012 12:43:03 pm

Holy crap.a.zoids! Talk about an over reaction on the cooks part.Throw you out for a stinking egg, even two stinking eggs. I would of offered to give him a lesson on how to make a perfect egg for the benedict - but then that would of gotten me barred from the place for.e.ver. Look at it how much fun you will have talking about this!

7/31/2012 10:56:32 am

I have an explanation, apology and invitation to return from owner, Helen, to you and Nancy as well as a gift certificate for 2 egss beni for Nancy & Wendy!

7/31/2012 11:23:13 am

Hmm..... Should we return to the scene of the crime? Nice of the owner but I'm a little afraid ......

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1/1/2018 02:56:07 am

You had a bad experience. Not an apology, every your blog reader will stay away from that restaurant.


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