You've all realized how nutty we are about music and if you happen to come over to our place on a weekend you'll find out just how obsessed we are with it!  The accumulation of percussion instruments in our "Music Bowl" is something that developed slowly over the past couple years.   The actual bowl itself is a large antique, hammered copper bowl with handles on it which Dan & I purchased at Gallery Framing & Antiques in Caledonia when we first moved out here.

            It started with our neighbours buying Dan a fun birthday gift of a red tambourine and a couple of plastic maracas that resembled baseballs?  Not quite getting the connection there, but someone at the dollar store obviously thought they'd be a great seller!  Hahaha!  They knew how much we liked music and they had only just met us!  The kids got in on it and when they'd come over, they'd bring something new to the table too....more maracas from their trips to Mexico, or one they'd had as a child and held onto all these years...these went into the bowl.  Dan & I were in & out of antique shops periodically and found a set of bongos, another wooden  double tambourine.  We added in three harmonicas and some Newfie spoons we'd had for years.  There is also a gorgeous hand carved wooden maraca, with the actual shaker part made from cow horn, we picked up at the Pow Wow put on by Six Nations each year.

            Now you know the items in the music bowl...here's how it developed into being a part of our world!  The kids and a couple friends would come over for a Saturday night say and we'd all have a few drinks, a BBQ, maybe a campfire (if it was summer).  The music would get livelier as the evening progressed and we'd pull out "the bowl".  At first, it was quite funny, because our kids are in their twenties (ranging from early to late twenties) and sometimes they'd bring out their friends to the house as well, so the first time we brought out "the bowl", they all kind of looked at us like we had two heads or something....so....we ignored them and just started playing the instruments along to - always a great starter - Simon & Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson!  Well, they were very cautious about it, but eventually a couple picked up maracas, another picked up a tambourine, then another....and we were off to the races!  Then they were up and standing, dancing on the spot, singing along to the songs and low and behold...."the bowl" was EMPTY and everyone had something shaking in their hands!

            Isn't it funny now that when we visit our daughter's home, she too has a music bowl?  The music bowl was really the catalyst for my picking up the acoustic guitar and trying to learn how to play.  I strongly suggest you all add some spice to your life and pick up some percussion instruments because you'll be shocked at how much not only you enjoy it, but also all the people in your life! 
        Caution:  Playing musical instruments can bring on Happiness!


9/2/2011 06:58:43 am

I love your music bowl! I especially love that it is becoming another family tradition.

9/2/2011 09:37:08 am

You are the one who got the ball rolling Maureen! Thanks!



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