Old Trailer
            Lately, I've been thinking alot about "The Trailer" where we spent every day off of our 12-hr shifts from May 1st until October 31st each year for 11-12 years.

            This photo depicts our old trailer...as it was when we first took it over from Dan's Uncle Wally.  It was only 24ft in length, but it was fantabulous for us.  At the time we'd been paying up to $900.00/week for cottages in the summer for a couple weeks to take our five kids on vacation.

            Then one day, Dan's mother told us about her sister and brother-in-law selling their place, so we went and had a look and it really was a great solution to a vacation for a family of seven!  It was in Southampton, Ontario and in a lovely park one block from Lake Huron with it's gorgeous sunsets and beautiful sandy beach, one block from the tennis courts and an easy 20 minute stroll on a beach boardwalk to downtown Southampton with it's quaint boutiques.  At that time, the fees were only $1,250.00/year!  Wow!  Six months for that price!  And, the kids loved it!  All five would sleep in the rear bedroom (two bunks, with one of them being a double) and Dan & I would lower the dining table, pull the curtain across and hop into our bed each night!  We had a fire pit in the yard and eventually had a garden and other ornamentation.  It was very small, but an extremely happy place! 

(These photos are both from the end of the seasons, so they are not as spruced up looking as they were at the height of the season in the summer, but cleaned up for winter.)

New Trailer
            We bought the new trailer in 2004 and it was so luxurious inside to us after that small, cramped space.  This one was 40ft long!  It had a bathtub, full size fridge and stove, air conditioning, a separate master bedroom and the living room converted to a guest bedroom with a pull across privacy screen!  It was so nice...home away from home!  And we painted and re-roofed our old shed to match!  We were in heaven at this place.

            It wasn't just heavenly due to the surroundings, but the people were what made it.  Families much like our own, all getting together for fires on weekends and holidays to laugh and have some fun, became good friends we'd look forward to seeing even in the off-seasons. 

            We moved to our new home in the spring of 2009 and sold our trailer in the spring of 2010.  I just couldn't "get into" the trailer the same way I used to knowing we had the River at our doorstep and beautiful sunsets at our own home!  Plus, the drive was pretty hurtful for me (back) and I only went up a few times that summer of 2009.  I missed home!  That's when I knew it was time.  Time to sell the trailer.  The kids were grown up and leading their own lives, working and going to post-secondary school and were only making it up there for a weekend each year.  It was time to let go and enjoy our own home. 

            Best thing I ever did!  Yes, I miss the trailer occasionally...but really, it's only the people I miss and I'm heading up there this weekend with my friend for a relaxing visit for the first time since we sold the trailer.  I'll be sure and take photos of Southampton to share with you and I most likely won't be blogging this weekend, but will make up for it when I get back! 

            Home is where the heart is.....

Brian Smith
9/28/2011 04:41:43 am

Some good memories of time I spent at your trailer! Those I can remember anyway...(my nasty old drinking days!)

I loved those Fiddleheads!!

I'll be in Southampton for a week beginning the week-end your up there. Who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other!
(I'll be the 6' 5". 27 year old with the long flowing blonde locks...)

Did Dan get my invitation to go up with me? Never heard back.

Hope you have a great week-end Wendy.


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