Two Days ago was a most unfortunate day.
Blarney had to go to the vets for his final shots.
Dan had twisted his knee the day before, so I asked Maureen to assist me with
my wee adventure.
Sweet Blarney was not so sweet that day.
Maureen sat in the back seat with Blarney, who immediately peed on my leather seats.
He was shaking and drooling like you've only seen a St. Bernard do!
That should have been the big warning.
He crawled up onto Maureen's lap and put his head on her chest and with no
warning whatsoever, threw up into her bra and down her shirt.
Oh gawd.
It was absolutely horrid!
I washed Maureen's coat for her, but I still have to get her purse drycleaned.
It's a Guess I feel bad?  YES!!!
She says "Oh no...don't be's fine."
I say, "We WILL be drycleaning your purse!"
I'll let you read more about this HERE at Maureen's blog, It's All Connected.
(Come back though....cuz there's more to my unfortunate day!)

After we returned from the Vets and got cleaned up...we still continued on with the rest of the errands that needed to be run.

Dropped off the pool water sample at the store.
Went to Party Packagers to pick up a small container of blue diaper pins (because I ran out of them due to the inaccurate count by the manufacturer in the package) of which I was short by four for my baby shower favours.
Went to Blinds to Go.
The girl (and I mean girl...very young and inexperienced) helping us
was no help at all.
I actually was almost talked into UV filtering blinds for these windows.... the kitchen/dining area.  The bank of windows you see here to the right of the
door also follow onto the left of the door with two more sets.
We have southern exposure facing the river, so more than privacy, we need sunblocking window coverings.  When the sun beats into this room in the afternoon, it's like 10 degrees warmer in the sunshine areas and can you say "blinding"?
Needless to say, Maureen & I are standing at the counter (facing east) in the store and I'm almost ready to actually purchase these UV blinds when the sun comes out from a
cloud and BLINDS us!  The girl says "Yah...I was hoping they'd put liners on these, since this is the counter I work at and it gets super hot."
In the end, we left after the salesgirl noted that I had an extreme amount of requirements to be fulfilled with the blinds I wanted and she was curious to see what I'd find.
Because one bank of windows is right behind the stove area, I wanted them scrubbable.
Because I live in the country (bugville), I didn't want cellular blinds...bugs love them.
Because of the sunshine, I wanted blockage.
And, because I own dogs, I didn't want delicate fabrics.
Oh yah...and because I have a bad back, I wanted wipeable.
Is that too much to ask?
(I'm actually still trying to get past the story she told us about a goat being tied to a tree being a bad thing when it starts circling it...that came up as a result of us asking about the safety of the pullcords?)

Onward we forged.
To problems.
To Sobey's whereupon exiting the store with 3 bags in my cart I couldn't lift the tailgate of my Sportage to put the groceries in the back, so ended up putting them on the backseat floor....strategically....remember dog pee and vomit?
How sterile.
We stopped for subs and came home.

Fast forward to yesterday.
After dropping my car off to get detailed....had to do that asap because how nice would it be if I showed up at the shower with the favours and cake and other foodstuff in my
vomit-ridden vehicle....Dan & I stopped for breakfast and immediately afterward, I had a horrible taste in my mouth and my stomach started to ache....badly.
Oh yah....bed all day yesterday with a bucket beside me.
So, Twisted Knee and Incapacitated are here living happily ever after.
I actually feel a little better today, but weak and raunchy.
How's your week going?
....and it better be bad if you answer!

2/28/2012 09:58:08 pm

Maureen's story really made me laugh, so came to read your version. I think you had a very unlucky couple of days - and I've stopped laughing !
Btw my gorgeous little dog hates the vet too - but he just bites them instead !!
Following you on the new Linky tool.

2/29/2012 09:34:59 am

ahhh, hope you are feeling better. thanks for the laughs! i guess the worst part of my week is that we have a blue bird flipping out at our car mirrors and popping all over them at his reflection because he must think it another blue bird. How embarassing I went to the drive through last week and completely forgetting the mounds of poop all down my car until I pulled up to pay...Ugh.

2/29/2012 08:48:35 pm

Ew....that is so gross! Almost as gross as dog vomit....actually...very closely gross! And, yes...I am feeling better today..thanks! xo

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