So, today I'd like to talk about kids....the grown up kind.  Yesterday and today, I've had the pleasure of two of my daughter's company for full days!  One is 22yrs old and the other 29yrs old and I still can't believe they are adults!  They're heading out tomorrow for the Haliburtons with their Dad & his wife.  It's funny how when they arrive and you start yacking, like all women do..., that it feels like they never left home.  You talk about their trials and tribulations at work, their homes, relationships with friends and others, hair, nail polish, decorating ideas, blogs, and of course, update them on our lives too.   Before they come, you stock up on goodies you never keep in the house and then find out from them that they never keep them in the house either and you know you raised them well!  Then, because when they lived at home, you always took them somewhere while they were on holidays...Wonderland, a cottage, the zoo and whatnot, you figure you should take them somewhere, because after all....they're on holidays!  So, we girls took off to a couple of boutique stores and of course, thoroughly enjoyed slowly perusing every square inch of them for bargains, deco finds, personal stuff, etc.  The strangely familiar part of having your own kids home is it's like putting on a second's comfortable and you quickly adjust to their "stuff" all over the spare room, their cosmetics on the table, them going for a nap or snoozin' in the sunshine.  All the things that would probably drive you insane if anyone else who was visiting did them, don't seem to bother you at all. 

          Familiarity is a wonderful, valuable feeling to have.  Savour every moment with your adult children.  I do, because I don't see them half as much as I want to!  One lives in Toronto and the other in Ottawa, so synchronized visits are almost out of the question.  They came for these few days because they put it together as a special treat for me!  When I listen to them talk together and their views on different subjects, I'm very proud of the women they've become and I know I'd pick them for friends if they weren't my daughters!

          May everyone be as lucky as I am to have wonderful kids who love and care about others unconditionally and are considerate to Mom!  (Did I mention they are editing this?  Hahahaha!  Kidding!  They're busy doing their nails and sunning!)

          Always remember.....There's No Place Like Home!


8/16/2011 10:50:32 pm

listen for the applause..... Yup, I hear it! Your daughters are wonderful because of the amazing influences in their lives growing up ..... And the main influence was you and Dan! and I do agree with you, it's awesome interacting with our kids as they grow.... They just get more interesting as the years pass!

Brian Smith
8/17/2011 03:07:09 am

...good gardeners grow beautiful flowers!

8/17/2011 11:14:13 am

Thanks! You're soooo sweet!


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