I have a wee bit of a thing for boots! (and shoes too...lol)
I've also passed this "thing" down to a few of my daughters....
if not all!

I don't go out and actively hunt down boots, but I usually don't pass by a shoe store either!
(Like....who does that?)

Recently, I was flipping through Canada's East Coast "Saltscapes" magazine
and on one of the pages was an ad for the most rugged, pretty boots from
Mahone Bay Trading Company
in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.
I knew they would be pricey, but I HAD TO HAVE THEM!
so, I searched the internet everywhere for them
at a good price in my area or online and
ended up contacting the place in Nova Scotia where the ad was for.

They were super pleasant and helpful and had them purolated to me for a fairly cheap rate.
I was very excited when they arrived and LOVE THEM!
Now, the only thing was....I thought they were going to be red, but they ended up being
a burgundy wine colour, but I STILL LOVE THEM!
These are Joseph Seibel Palmira (red) boots!
And it's like kid leather...or maybe it is...at the top of the boot,
inside leg zipper and worn just a titch at the toes already.
My new Happy Boots!

They still don't make me as happy as my fringed suede boots
I picked up in Kensington Market last year for $40.00!
I'd been looking for boots with fringes for YEARS!!!
And found them, unworn, in a consignment shop.
There was only one pair and they were my size exactly and fit like a glove.

These cost me more to dryclean this year than they did to buy!
But, I'll continue to do it every year...until they (tears dripping) fall apart!
The drawback to these, of course, is that you can't wear them
in all kinds of weather....more like a slipper boot....but FANTABULOUS
to me.
Alot of you might be thinking...."huh....what the heck?  I'd never wear those".
But, until you've had them on, you can't know how they make you "feel".
They bring out my inner hippychick!
Love, love, love!
oh yah...
And Peace!

(It's funny that I'd planned on doing today's post on boots and Lovely Indeed
also did one and her boots are beautiful too!)

It's just that time of year to start thinking about new boots!

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