That seems to be the way that a vast majority of my "projects go".  You may have been waiting for this to show up...and you still have to wait!  Hahaha!  I took it apart (or was that "we" ...nevertheless!) and "I" patched the crack in the frame with wood filler and the frame has also been sanded.  The handles were taken off in preparation for being spray-painted a stainless steel colour and the glass was cleaned up by razoring the edges where stain had settled and dirt, then washed and it's in great shape.  The problem was when I discovered that the "wood" with the painting on it wasn't wood, but was a heavier-grade,  thin cardboard piece, which I had planned on just painting over!

        That isn't happening.  If the water stains (shown left at the bottom of the photo) had been on wood, I could have maybe sanded them out?  But, because it's like paper, I'll have to replace this piece.  I thought of thicker cardboard, but think it'd be too thick and I thought maybe I could just use painters' canvas, but I think it might be too flimsy and show grainy lines?  So, tomorrow I'm off to the hardware store to find maybe a thin piece of veneer-type wood I can paint on.  I mean...I want it to look nice when it's done, not thrown together right?   Also, I'm still looking at the idea of the mod podging (Heaven's Walk), which I've never done! and need to experiment on something inconsequential first. 

        My point is....what I thought would be done rather quickly is taking much longer than I imagined, but it should only be a few days now!

Like I said "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back!"

8/29/2011 12:32:57 am

Gotta love the surprises! It's like working on an old house. There's always ten "fixes" to do before you do the actual job.

8/29/2011 09:22:45 am

I hear yah! As you well know, we're always fixing something!



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