When I was a little girl, I believe my very first exposure to the subject of UFOs was when I was about 8yrs old.  We were visiting relatives in Nova Scotia and when we showed up at my Great Uncle's home, their whole house had been plastered with these little green men on all the main floor windows!  Apparently an artist was their next door neighbour and I, being the only child around, was given three or four of these drawings, which I promptly pasted into my childhood scrapbook...and yes....I still have it.

            The reason the whole house had been plastered was my Uncle had been outside the evening before and saw a UFO in the sky and was astounded and had told the neighbours....small town...who are you going to tell right?  This was in the early 70's remember?  When talk of UFOs wasn't really as prevalent...well, who am I kidding?  I was eight.  Hahahaha!

            Okay, so fast forward to my teens and once again a confrontation with UFOs make a direct impact on someone in my family!  My father was heading out for work in the early morning and the neighbour across the street was coming home from a nightshift.  They did the expected wave and "Hello neighbour" thing and then were both stunned to look up into the sky and see three discs just hanging there above the neighbourhood, but as fast as one could say "Run for your camera!" the three UFO ships just flung themselves to the far reaches of the galaxy with a woosh.  After that, my father was pretty much obsessed with any program on TV that featured UFOs (okay, maybe not obsessed, but definitely far more interested than he'd ever been).  Those little green men plastered on my Uncle's windows weren't quite as hilarious as they had seemed at the time!

            Since then, as an adult, I've heard a story  from someone who was there, about a crop circle at a place just outside of the city I lived in.  It was winter and some employees at the place of business came into work on a snowy morning and found a (I'm guesstimating here, but know I'm close) 40' oval burn in the snow behind the business, with no footsteps leading to or away from it.  Any ideas?  Come on...all you skeptics....explain that one away!

            My point is, this is just me and my encounters secondhand with UFOs.  How many stories have you heard of from people you know?  Or how many of you have actually seen with your own eyes what authorities try to explain away as a figment of your imagination or a national defense project? 

            Are the little green men really going to come soon?  Hahahaha!


Heather vanHoof
9/14/2011 11:20:16 am

Back in the seventies, everyone was "seeing" UFO's. My oldest brother and his girl friend(now wife), decided to play a prank in the city of Hamilton. They attached some lights with batteries to a kite and sent it up into the sky on the east mountain. It was actually up quite high, and apparently the switchboard at the radio station lit up like a Christmas tree and people were commenting on the strange thing hovering with blinking lights on the east mountain! We new that this was just a hoax but everyone was saying that it was a UFO! He brought it down quite abruptly when he heard sirens and figured that they were coming after him. lol

Brian Smith
9/15/2011 07:05:24 am

My very first (but certainly not last) encounter with UFO's was way back when I was about 13. I awoke very early one morning and happened to glance into a mirror..my face was covered in UFO's!!

This strange event would repeat itself numerous times in my early teen years..it slowed down however as I grew older.

Today, I very rarely get a visit from the UFO's!

(Unwanted Facial Outbreaks)...BWAAAA!!!!


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