One of my most favourite things to do is visit Value Village just before summer or just before winter!  I absolutely love shopping for bargains at this veritable candy shop!  I walk out of there so excited to get home and try on (again) all my purchases and Dan gets all delighted that I'm probably going to purge some of my sweaters and other clothes that I already have!  (and sometimes I even do!) 

            If you've ever shopped at VV Boutique, you'll know that you can often get clothing with the tags still on!  It's such a disposable world we're living in that the choices are as great, if not better than any retail new clothing store.  I mean, think back to when you were a kid.  Your mom didn't just get sick of her clothes and throw a bag of them in the used clothing bin like we do!  No way!  She'd never buy something that didn't fit perfectly in the first place...unlike myself....I like to do the "hmmm....you know....this would probably look really nice if I lost 3-5lbs?", but then, even when I lose the weight, I try it back on and realize I really didn't like it that much afterall.  It gets shoved to the back of my closet and when I do a cleaning out, I toss it...tags and all into the VV bin!  My mother would make something else out of it if the original purchase went out of style or if it had a tear, mend it and no one could tell.  Mend it?  What's that?!  Like, with a real sewing machine?  (got one in my spare room...is that what they do?  Hahaha!)  If it was too far gone, she'd make it into rags or a halloween costume or something...anything!

            Back in the day, the clothes you could get at used clothing stores were really faded, really used, and totally not "in style".  But now, wow!  There are name brands hanging in that store...high end suits, dresses, shoes and no one is the wiser when you buy them!  Do you know how many times, when I was working, someone would stop me to compliment my gorgeous ($3.00) sweater?  Or even now, because I wear casual dresses alot (more comfortable on my back), how often someone swoons "OMG, I love your dress...where did you find that?"  Another $5.00 dress!  Hahaha! 

            I think it's the challenge of the search when I go to Value Village.  You have to go item by item through the racks.  Your eyes must always be looking for the flaws and the brilliance of colour.   It's so huge now, sometimes I have to go back another day to finish!  When you find a particularly awesome item you gloat inwardly...then outwardly when you get home to show your take to your family!  So fun! 

            I also love shopping there for cast iron frying pans or pots.  My husband collects these...the rattier, almost the better....and he grinds the rust off, sands them, cleans them, oils (seasons) them and uses them until they have a glossy black sheen.  At VV you can get them for 1/10th of the price of anywhere else!  Great for gifts!  I also buy garden ornamentation there because I can paint over it and varathane objects that someone doesn't want in their home anymore and turn them into garden art for again 1/10th of the price at a fancy garden center!  (Oops...think I just gave away a secret!)

            People should not turn up their noses at used things from Value Village....I bet those same people frequent garage sales all the time and think nothing of buying used items from them.  At least when you come home after spending $70-$100.00 at Value Village, you've got a new wardrobe!   All you'd get at the mall is a pair of jeans!   Also, in this day & age with washers and dryers being so high tech, you can sanitize your clothes when you get home....or steam clean them yourself!  And, if you go to VV, the money is helping people, not corporations!

            I just want all you people out there to NOT get thrifty with your clothes and remake them...leave the tags on and donate them!  Because I'm almost due for another shopping trip to VV Boutique!

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