Sorry I'm late today posting!

Day One of Front Porch Christmas Porch!

This week I'm going to show one craft per day that I've been working on
for my Christmas Front Porch!
This was a quickie fix, but I love how it turned out.
To start with, we have this ceramic vintage boot I bought at a garage sale
a few years ago for "a dollar".  It's been sitting in my garden for a few years now....
gathering moss.  Gross...I know!
There was a disgusting mass of leaves (I hope it was leaves and
not the carcass of a dead mouse or something...yuck!) inside too!
....and this is half cleaned already!  I almost forgot to take a photo!
So...once again folks....I made a mistake!
First, after cleaning the boot and painting with two coats of chalk paint,
I attempted to be an artist and shade in the folds on the boot.
I used watercolour pencils...thinking I'd have more control over
the shading, but that was a wash...literally!

So, I tried to shade with the pencil and the idea behind watercolour pencils
is that you can add a little water after and blend the colours, but...
not so good...don't try this at home!
I washed it all off (which was super easy on the chalk paint by the way).
I decided to keep it clean looking and just add some goldleaf pen embellishment
to the boot, sprayed with protective sealant and it made it stunning!
I trimmed up the buttons and the sole of the boot and heel,
stood back, looked and looked...and thought...DONE!
In the spirit of my theme this year for Christmas,
burlap, antique white & bling...
I added a burlap cuff, a couple sprigs of money tree and a sprig of golden bling!
So Simple and yet So Pretty!
11/28/2011 06:57:55 pm

WOW! Wendy, superb. I am loving this. White and that your Christmas theme?

11/28/2011 07:35:16 pm

Yup! White & Gold, Burlap & Bling is my whole theme! I'm having so much fun...more coming! Glad you like it!

11/30/2011 05:29:21 am

HOW cool is that!!~ I love it, looks super cute now. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.


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