For some time now I've been looking for two
identical vintage corbels.
They've been either too expensive in antique shops or too large or too rotted.
Recently, when we were in Pennsylvania, we found two...identical....
vintage....for 24.99 total.
And so it continues.....
part of our bedroom redecorating process.
We have a long hallway, where our closets are, leading to the main bedroom.
The doorway is quite wide as it isn't a door-framed doorway, just a doorway,
and I wanted to add some vintage spice to the entry into the bedroom.
These fit the bill perfectly.
I don't even have to paint them because I love how chippy they already look.

Here's the view from our bedroom looking down the hallway with the corbels.
Blank slate with just a touch of vintage now.

Disclaimer....please disregard any things you may see in the photo like
teeny baseboard, unfinished wall switches, lack of window dressing, etc...Hahahaha!
After all the master bedroom is my project to finish in 2012!
It's funny how such a small touch, like adding these corbels, has
sprung me into action on our bedroom again!
Definitely have to change those flying saucer light fixtures!
The following photo is the view coming down the hallway into the bedroom.
I'll be giving BEFORE photos soon of the whole bedroom!
How do you feel about my corbels find?
Does it inspire you to find such an item for a space in your home?
I feel like it's the beginning of loving my space!
Have a lovely Sunday!
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you are talking too much
1/22/2012 01:18:24 am

Aw, I love those! So cool!

1/22/2012 09:23:57 pm

Thanks Megan!

1/22/2012 04:51:07 am

I love them! They add just the right touch of rustic whimsy. Great find!

1/22/2012 09:26:09 pm

Thankyou Lorna...I love that word "whimsy!" vintage sounding! xo

1/22/2012 04:54:16 am

I love them Wendy! I am excited about your upcoming master bedroom project...that hallway is screaming for some smallish chandelier light wiould look amazing!

1/22/2012 09:27:43 pm

Exactly what I've been looking for to change up my flying saucers! Great minds think alike! Thanks for being excited for me! xo

1/22/2012 06:52:22 am

Awesome! I have a question. I have bought 2 antique corbels for the exact same reason - to hang in a doorway. My question is this - how did you hang them? What is holding them up? Did you drill holes in them? I'd love to know! Yours look great, by the way!

1/22/2012 09:29:56 pm

I sent you an e-mail Bronwyn...they are just screwed into the wall because it's a wood frame right at the doorway (under the
Thanks for your nice comment! xo

1/22/2012 10:51:19 am

I agree they look great!! I am new to your blog. Glad that I found it!

1/22/2012 09:30:57 pm

Thanks Alicia! I hope you'll keep visiting me! Thanks! xo

Rukmini Roy
1/22/2012 09:32:12 pm

Superb Wendy. And I agree with Tammi. you do need a small chandy in the entrance. :) I love the soft whites and greys in your bedroom. Looks beautiful. Till I get my own house eh!

1/23/2012 04:50:27 am

I love corbels, Yours are quite beautiful, but the price was sinful! Lucky you to find them for that price. I had two very chippy corbels in my hallway, and I love the feel that there bring to a room. So the corbels are the start of something new! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best!


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