I've had this mirror hanging in the laundry room over the set tub
for quite some time now.  It's just where I hung it to keep it from getting broken, not
where I'd planned on leaving it.
Don't look at my yucky walls in  my laundry room....pretty soon, they'll be
the same colour as the powder room!
Here's a closeup of the carving on the top.....
I decided this would be the perfect new mirror for my powder room.
The one that was in the room, stuck out from the wall about two inches and
I felt the room was soooo small (just a toilet and sink), there should be
something flat to the wall with more reflection area.
I painted two coats of Mayonnaise Benjamin Moore mixed into Chalkpaint by
putting 2/3 paint to 1/3 Plaster of Paris with a wee bit of water.
and then sanded the mirror down on the carved bits.
That was a little tedious...but really not so bad.  I enjoyed it!
I feel this mirror is more in keeping with the look we're trying to achieve
in our powder room, don't you?
Thanks for checking out my latest project!
Happy Good Friday!
4/6/2012 10:12:15 am

I have such a love affair with old mirrors...I love it! Great job painting it too!

4/9/2012 08:52:57 pm

I know what you mean Tammi. I love old mirrors as well! Even if they are a bit scratched on the surface of the mirror...I just love them and thanks! xo

4/7/2012 06:04:01 am

I like this mirror much better. It's more in keeping with the vintage feel in the room.

4/9/2012 08:54:02 pm

Thanks Maureen....that's how I feel about it too! And you've seen it up close and live, so that makes me feel better! xo

4/7/2012 11:56:05 am

Brilliant job Wendy!

4/9/2012 08:54:46 pm

Thankyou very much Rona! xo

Carlene@Organized Clutter
4/8/2012 09:31:19 pm

the mirror looks great! So much detail!

4/9/2012 08:57:05 pm

I know...I loved the carved bits on it so much when I saw it in an antique shop and especially for only 20.00! xo

4/8/2012 10:59:43 pm

Loving the mirror, it has so much character that it adds to your powder room. Love the aged look now, really brought out the details. so very pretty, great choice. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best!

4/9/2012 08:58:31 pm

I know! Old items are fabulous! So much more character! Thanks Cathy! xo

4/9/2012 01:30:11 pm

I love the way the mirror turned out. How do you like working with homemade chalkpaint? I've been torn between buying ASCP and making my own. So where did the other mirror go? It's a beautiful mirror.
Sharon @ mrs. hines class

4/9/2012 09:01:18 pm

All you can do is try it to see if you enjoy it like I do! It's pretty great because it dries so quickly, you can get a piece done in no time and it's wonderful to sand back on. The other mirror is in limbo somewhere...not sure where I'll put it...perhaps in the laundry room when I paint it? We have the same two mirrors in our upstairs master bath, so not sure I want to look at it anywhere else in the house...every get like that? xo

4/12/2012 05:47:37 am

You know I love this mirror! So glad to see it linked up at Show & Tell.

Sharon @ mrs. hines class

4/16/2012 06:34:23 pm

Thanks Sharon! Your sweet comments mean so much to me! xo

4/15/2012 09:29:53 am

Wendy, thanks so much for linking up your gorgeous mirror to Project Queen's Link Party last week. I LOVE IT!
I'll be featuring it tomorrow night at the highlight party.

4/16/2012 06:35:33 pm

Aw Mandy! You are so nice! I'll go check that out now...Your comments are so appreciated (and your party too!) xo


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