My daughter, Alana was over last night and as usual, she introduced me
to some new Youtube Videos and some new music....she keeps me feeling younger than I am, totally, which is great because I love discovering new musicians!

This band, Walk Off The Earth, is from a city near me called Burlington, Ontario.
From what I understand, they do mostly covers, but in a unique way.
This particular cover is so well done and so quirky, I had to share it with you!

This is Walk Off The Earth performing
"Somebody That I Used To Know"

Have you ever seen five people play one guitar?!
What a unique presentation!
How cool is this and I love their folk sound that has made this song their own!

This is the original, which of course Alana played for me as well, and we both agreed, we really like the sound of the cover done by Walking Off The Earth!
What do you all think of this music?
Which do you prefer?

Rukmini Roy
1/19/2012 02:15:25 am

Yes, I do think it requires talent. I am a fair singer but I mostly sing Jazz or if Im at my best some soul and alternative. Rohan is a wonderful guitar player and we jam with a friend of our who plays the bongo. Im quite glued into music and whats happening around the world in music and Im telling you this is good music. Alana was right!


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