Welcoming Christmas has never been so fun and creative for me in the past!
If my kids read this, they'll be in shock cuz I'm more of a
throw up a wreath and some garland with lights kind of a girl.
Blogging has inspired me!
It all started with my milkcan a couple weeks ago and just flourished from there.

When Dan looked at it last night with all the candles lit, he just said "That's so
beautiful Wendy!" and I'm like "Are you sure?  Do you think it's too much?
Do you think I should change something?  Is it too gaudy?" 
So, this is going to be a long posting....full of photos!
(I'd like to thank you in advance for your patience because this has been a
culmination of several weeks worth of crafting)

Welcome to My Front Porch
(yup...that's me again...just like the window of the door!)
The themes in my porch are Burlap & Bling, Gold & Antique White.
Following are some of the elements for this shot.....
I made a sort-of valance out of burlap & ribbon, and hung some swaggy bling
down the sides of the door frame.
If you click on any of the previous images it will take you to the
"tutorials" for them....except the Letter Holder...that's pretty obvious!

Now for some more PORCH!  Woohoo!
I'll try to do Day/Night, so you get the idea of both looks k?
I absolutely love the feeling I get looking at this shot!
It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

I DID NOT paint my potting table for Christmas!
It was already this colour!
How great is that?!

(You'll have to excuse my amateur camera work, but you get the idea right?)

This is looking in the other direction now...
Can you see the sweet lit up Terrarium Glass in the corner?
I'll get to that preciousness soon!

Here's the View from the front of the long section of the porch...
through the Potting Bench from the other side!
Cozy...and I hope Inviting....

As for that Terrarium in the Corner.....
I've had this little lovely kicking around the house for years.
It actually had plexiglass in it that had yellowed and my sweet husband
changed the windows in it for me, but I left the rust intact and I like it that way!

In this Daytime View you can see it's perched atop a very old birdbath!
So old, in fact, we didn't bother painting it, because it's falling apart...all chipping off around the rim of it!
I just added a twig wreath, some of the same bling around the door, and
topped it with a pearly garland of battery operated lights.
The wee sparkly tree inside was a great find and it's sitting on top of one of Dan's
terrycloth shop cloths (the know?!)

Following is the RED Potting Table...I like it that colour all year.
It makes me happy!

These are some of the elements on the Potting Table....
The only item in the above that has a tutorial is the Vintage Boot

A couple of other little touches.....

Two Final Joyous Shots!
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(I crack myself up....)
_I was also featured at
Front Porch Ideas and More
(a blog specializing completely about front porches)
Thankyou everyone!

I'll be sharing this with....

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Chic on a Shoestring Decorating
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Sunday's Best Linky Party!
12/7/2011 08:27:02 am

Wow, I LOVE it! Looks GREAT!

What color is your door? Did you paint it? It's gorgeous! :)

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Sharon Ouellette
12/7/2011 09:08:49 am

Very beautiful Wendy...can't wait to see it in person...hope I don't knock anything over...LOL

12/7/2011 11:02:52 am

That is so beautiful, it's almost magical!
What a great job you did Wendy! ~ Maureen

12/7/2011 11:30:41 am

This is so pretty! I love the use of burlap and the grapevine wreath in the birdbath. It all looks gorgeous! The night shot is great! I'm a new follower!

12/7/2011 04:40:02 pm

Oh Wendy, this is Fantastic. *Claps her hands*. Fantastic is the word. I love the bird bath. I love your porch at night, the mix of greens and reds and cozy and yet so lavish.

thank you for spreading the Christmas Magic. I'll go with maureen. It's magical.

12/7/2011 07:21:04 pm

what a fabulous Christmas setting! We are almost finished with our front porch and I hope it "grows up to look like yours"...

Thanks for sharing!

12/8/2011 12:15:46 am

So charming!

12/8/2011 12:48:21 am

YOur porch is so cozy! THere are a ton of great elements that you used! Love the sled!

12/8/2011 04:02:19 am

Welcome to blogging. I've been back and forth - sometimes it's well, a back and forth thing. Wonderful porch. I love the terrarium. Did I miss the milkcan? I don't see it or just missed it. My eyes are getting "bloggy" after visiting a bunch of links. I'm traveling by 4's from Liz's Time Travel Thursday b/c I'm #74 and I'm just about to close in on the spot I left when I went back to the bottom of the list. Oh, the bottom of the list. I bet it's grown since I was there. Did you see the twig star that's on one link, let's see, link #66. It's neat too. Thanks, Jenn

12/8/2011 06:20:09 am

Wow; that is porch is awesome! I love the how magical the little Christmas lights makes all your pretty decorations.

12/8/2011 07:09:10 pm

Hi Wendy, lovely to meet you. Such great ideas for decorations - you really are greeting Christmas at your front porch.

(ref your leaf gelatine question, you could also use powdered gelatine or Agar Agar for a vegetarian version - check the carton for the quantities required to set a pint of liquid as it will vary depending on the product you use.)

12/8/2011 07:33:53 pm

Thanks everybody for the wonderful comments! I so appreciate them on this particular posting as it was the end of many all put together! Lots of work, slowly and soooo worth it! Thanks again!

12/9/2011 12:31:54 am

Your porch is so pretty I have always dreamed of having a wrap around like yours :)

12/9/2011 08:36:32 am

COZY! That's the first word that came to my mind while visiting your sweet porch, Wendy. Just plain cozy! And welcoming! The wicker, the pine boughs, the pillows, and lights.... I love the way you put your vignettes together - especially that sweeeeet terrarium with the mini tree. LUV that! Great job, girlie!!! :)

xoxo laurie

12/9/2011 03:08:02 pm

Hi Wendy, I just love your porch. It looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for visiting L'Heure Bleue At Home.

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage
12/10/2011 01:35:18 am

WOW! No wonder hubby was so impressed.

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage
12/10/2011 01:39:16 am

OOPs! I wasn't finished! Guess my trigger finger thought otherwise! ;)

It's obvious that you put a LOT of time into decorating your porch, and it shows. There are so many lovely little vignettes, it's hard to choose a favorite. But I DO like your splashes of red, here and there. They make me smile.

Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday again this week...and for sharing your lovley porch, Wendy.

Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

12/11/2011 07:03:51 am

Your porch is magical. There are so many wonderful details to take in. I also love the splashes of red - the potting bench is so neat. I'm your newest follower and I hope you get a chance to pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

12/11/2011 09:08:20 am

Your porch is so very welcoming. The white against the green backdrop is very pretty. Love the lantern in the birdbath!


12/11/2011 10:33:49 am

Your porch is WONDERFUL! So many little touches that I just adored. Very warm and cozy indeed. thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

12/11/2011 10:54:01 am

My two favourite vegetables. Then again I love all vegetables. Thanks for your lovely visit. Sydney is wet and cold right now. It's such an aboration that it's front page news here. Coldest start to Summer in 61 years. Hope Summer shows up soon.

12/11/2011 11:06:47 am

Thanks again! I'm feeling as warm & cozy inside as my porch makes me feel, from all your wonderful comments! Except the veggie one Carolyn...heehee! Guess you meant my Eggplant & Spinach Lasagna...funny! xo

kathy t
12/11/2011 12:42:23 pm

Your porch is beautiful! I love everything. it looks so magical with the lights.

12/11/2011 11:02:41 pm

Wow! Your porch is absolutely beautiful, Wendy. Thank you so much for sharing it at Savvy HomeMade Monday. How inviting!

12/12/2011 12:56:51 am

looks absolutely stunning! Okay, so where is your snow! I am joining you from Debbie's newbie party and as a fellow Canadian blogger I hope you drop by and follow. I am your latest follower.

12/12/2011 12:23:42 pm

You're so lucky to have a front porch. You decorated it so beautifully. My favorites are the santa vignette and the red potting table. Everything is so festive. Wonderful job!

12/14/2011 10:50:57 pm

Breathtaking, you did an outstanding decorating. Remember, you can never have too many pictures. We love pictures. I so wish I had a covered front porch,but don't. I love the water bath vignette, the milk can of course, you must have a very large porch. So happy to see you "popularity" growing. Hope you don't forget about me now that you a! Thanks for sharing over at Sunday's Best, and for sharing your creativeness.

12/16/2011 01:13:45 am

i LOVE what you did with the birdbath, super smart. and i didn't realize the color of the door and great.

12/19/2011 11:42:04 pm

Wow Wendy if I had one one hundredth of your talent, I would be a happy girl. Spectacular displays.
Thanks for popping by...sorry not much for decorations at our house.
Wishing you and yours the best of the season.


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