.....that's right....you guessed!  A Halloween Party!  With a bonfire and lots of treats to eat!  Now, I'm in a dither....what will I be for Halloween?!

            Because....we're going!  We rarely go to any halloween parties as it's so much effort to figure out what to be, but, this one's only down the road a piece and a bit more...sooooo, we're going!

            Should I go as a rock star?  How about an M&M...teehee....our kids were M&M's one year!  Big, bright blue circles with M&M written in the middle of both their costumes!  Our older girls went as pussycats with their friends one time!  But, I don't think people would appreciate a 49yr old woman in a skintight cat suit....nah!  (Gag me with a spoon...that's gross!)  Oh!  I know!  The couple thing!  That's almost like wearing his & her sweaters...sorry to all you his & her sweater fanatics....I know...you're just wearing your love on the outside!  But, really....how about a gangster and a cigarette girl (oops, back to that sexy costume thing again!)  or maybe Bullwinkle and Penelope Pitstop (nope...still sexy).
Maybe I should stick to fairytale images?  Jack & Jill?  Who'd know what we were supposed to be?  Unless Dan carried a pail and had a bandaid on his head (crown)!  We could put his beer in the pail!  on ice!  But, would he want to carry it around all night?  Oh sure!  He won't mind!  Hahahahaha!

          Okay...lets get real.  I don't want to spend hours and hours agonizing over a costume.  Maybe we could go as Mennonites....we had friends who did that one year and they looked fabulous, and none of those same people would be at this party....is it wrong to steal an idea from one group of friends to use at another?  Oh! Oh!  Mary Poppins and the Chimney Sweep?  One of our daughter's went out with her hubby as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth!  They looked soooo great!  It was amazing how wonderfully they did their costumes!  One of our son-in-law's has a chicken costume...yah....a giant chicken costume.....a 49yr old woman could wear that feasibly right?

            If anyone has "ANY" suggestions, could you please contact me?  Something easy and fun!


                                I guess there's always this simple idea!

                                                    Help Me!

Brian Smith
10/14/2011 06:34:33 am

How about...
Dudley Doright and Tess Trueheart?
Tweedle-Dum (Dan) and Tweedle-Dee?
God and Satan(easy...)?
Curly, Larry and...OOPS, never mind!
Brian and his Ex...Dan could wear prison garb and you just have to act crazy!
man...this is a lot tougher than I thought....if I can come up with anything good, I'll e-mail you!

10/14/2011 10:19:42 pm

Keep thinking Brian! Thanks! xo


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