Everyday strange phenomena has always been of interest to me.  I don't understand it and am in awe of it, and it's certainly one of those "moments" when worlds collide for an instant.  They say that some people have psychic abilities they are unaware of, which only makes sense if you believe we only use 1/10th of our brain our whole lives.  I have a cousin who is extremely psychic, but chooses to close it out because she says it hurts her to see so much going on in people's heads around her.  A friend of mine can read some people better than others and says she gets slammed with information overload all at once and it forms her opinions of people differently than the average non-psychic person.  I believe that I am only very intuitive in the way that I'm sensitive to the thought tones from people and the mental pulses in any given situation.  I don't believe I'm psychic, however, I do believe that everyone can be if they train themselves.
        Is it inherited?  My maternal grandmother was apparently a tea leaf reader and I have had a palm reader throw my palm down in disgust and say "I don't know why I'm doing this...you can do it yourself!", but I haven't and really don't feel like I have that ability.  I am open to ghostly phenomena and had a particularly strange occurrence after my dear friend Dave died years ago.
        I had known Dave from the time I was five years old and we were very close.  Like brother and sister only.  We always had an uncanny ability to communicate telepathically and I've never done that with anyone since, unless you count just knowing what your husband is going to say and finishing sentences for him.  Before Dave passed away at the age of 34 on February 15, 1995,  we had made a bargain that whoever died first would come back and haunt the other one to let them know they were okay.  The day he died, I had been working and when I came home, had a message on my machine from his girlfriend Lori asking me to call her immediately.  I knew before I picked up the phone that he was gone and just that was bizarre, because really, it could have been anything right?  Well, I went right over to their home and we stayed up late with a few other friends who showed up to grieve with Lori and when I got home at 2am, I took a shower.  As I was getting into the shower I said, "You never saw me naked in life, don't start looking at me now!".  When I came out of the shower, all the lights in the house I had turned on, were off, but everyone was still sleeping and the next day, my family all stated they had not turned the lights off, nor had they awakened through the night.
        He died on Feb 15th and on the 19th, a few girls got together at our friend Kim's place (a very old century home).  There was Patty, Kim, Lori, her friend Julie and I in Kim's kitchen for quite some time.  Lori and her friend had to leave to go back to Lori's home to meet up with Dave's brother and we were going to be heading there later.  When we left Kim's place later, I went to get into my car, which was LOCKED, and saw there was a section of newspaper, dated Valentines day, draped over the steering wheel.  Nobody, not even Dan, knew I was at Kim's that night and her house was at that time on the outskirts of the city. 

  All of us had the chills, but the creepiest part of this unearthly invasion of my space, was that the newspaper had two large pages only and you needed both parts to kind of understand what it meant.  On one side was this article about a Janitor.  That was Dave's position.  He'd been moved into that position out of the steel mill when he started having problems with his heart.  The other side of the open pages was an article entitled "I Was Quite Willing To Die" and it was about a man (retired) from Dofasco who was dying and had his wife euthanize him.  Dave always said he wouldn't live a long life, and didn't want to if his disease progressed like his father's had, but it was the title more than the article that gave me the shivers.  I do believe he was contacting me to let myself and others know that he was okay with what had happened.
        The everyday things that happen are mundane in comparison and I'm sure you've all had them occur with in your life as well.  Thinking about somebody and they call or knowing who's calling before you pick up the phone,  hearing about a new product and then reading about it the same day or running into someone who starts telling you about it the same day....it's usually something that's been around for awhile and then suddenly you're hearing about it two or three times in the same day.  So weird.  How about waking up because you heard your deceased father's voice calling your name as clear as he was standing in the room and you weren't even thinking about him.
        All of the above make you believe worlds are colliding, different spheres exist, and we really don't completely pass on when we're gone.   Imagine if we all trained ourselves to use the other 9/10ths of our brains?!  It would be complete chaos!

Keep an Open Mind!  If you Dare.....       

Brian Smith
8/23/2011 02:45:07 am

Interesting story Wendy! It's amazing what is out there if we open ourselves to it.

In regards to only using 1/10th of our brain...
Our brain controls not only our bodies but our interaction with the world around us. Unfortunately, we have trouble tapping into it because of our mind...the mind is something we create and is generally made up of conscious thought centered around our everyday lives.
People often say they had trouble sleeping because there "brain was going 1000 miles per hour"
In reality, the brain wasn't but the mind was.
We require far less control of our brain than we do our mind...think of this,
our brain manages the workings of our hearts. We don't have to think to ourselves, "beat, beat, beat" our brain does it automatically. Our mind however is something which we ourselves create and have a great deal of control over. How many times has your mind conjured up an unpleasant thought which you consciously put aside to deal with later? That's control.
In Buddhism, one goal is to achieve complete control over your conscious mind. This can be achieved through regular meditation. (there's lots of info on meditation and achieving "no mind" or "clear mind" on the Internet.)
Once you learn to control all the chaos created by the "panel of maniacs" raging in your head, it is amazing how you can access areas of your brain to relax, sleep and generally function so much better as an individual!
A quiet mind and obedient brain also allows you to open yourself more fully to what is out there that you've been missing for so long...
I apologize for being so long winded, but your blog hit on a topic I am passionate about!
You and Dan both know the struggle I went through and I find myself on the other side of that problem due in large part to learning how to quiet my mind...

8/23/2011 04:43:24 am

OMG Brian! That was so wonderfully informative...truly. Very interesting topic and I'm so glad I wrote this today, just so I could learn something new! Thanks very much for your well written input!


2/7/2012 05:46:32 am

Oh my god, I never knew this story! Maybe I was too small? So glad I read this today...<3


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