Winner of 1st Ever Giveaway!
So, here's the deal...and a little tiny rant okay?
Just a little one?
I'm exhausted from spending all day yesterday in a hospital after waking up at around 2am yesterday morning....but we did get beautiful Logan out of all that sleeplessness!
And, I know my draw date is today, so I go to the site with the random draw thingamahoozie on it and download  it onto my blog, generate the winner... #9
....and when I publish the blog, the numbers disappear from the whatchamahoozie and it looks like it's up to the world to just generate the darned winner!
(Sorry Sharon...hahaha....I'm happy you won!)
So, folks, because you've gotta know that it would have been so much easier for
me to walk down to my neighbours and drop the pillow off or drive into
the nearest city and do the same, but I'm going to mail it promptly to the
beautiful U.S. of A.....because I'm HONEST, you must trust that she really is
the winner!
And, I HONESTLY don't have the inclination, strength or techno powers to
figure this random draw thingamajig out today!
Congratulations Sharon from Mrs. Hine's Class!
You won!

(winning number based on each eligible person entered...excludes non US/Canadian entries and family.)
2/18/2012 11:59:26 pm

Hello Wendy, I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.


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