That's what I have to do now!
Work like the Dickens...get it....Charles...Hahaha!
I did nothing for Christmas over the weekend!
Absolutely nothing.
We had overnight guests Saturday, and Sunday...we recuperated with
some Indiana Jones and Clint Eastwood our jammies...
with homemade chicken soup!

So, this morning I was up bright and early - with the fact...before them!
And, now....I'm on the move!
This is what I've been up to today.
Only 2 more days left to get my porch together for my total reveal!
and....I'm getting excited!
                            See the little church reflected in the window?  Sweet!
This is the top of a stand I've purchased from an antique market for another purpose
soon.  I put a gold (plastic) plate on it, some burlap & pinecones.  Filled a vase with small christmas balls and a single candle, tied a bow around it all, added the bird and voila!
I debated painting the stand, because I'm trying to keep everything
gold & antique white, but I thought the rustiness of the green
was fine with my theme...keeping things natural as well.

This little cherub stand I bought for $2.00 at Value Village came in
handy as well.
A little bit of a burlap bow and a blingy candleholder I just happened
to have and that's another visual!
I like it for it's simplicity, both in the designing and the look!
Have a dickens of a day!
12/5/2011 01:18:14 am

That is too cute, love the little bird, at first I thought it was real!

12/5/2011 01:18:27 am

Birds, Burlap & rust! 3 of my favorite things!!! I like that you decided to leave the stand green. Looks great!

12/5/2011 07:47:15 pm

Charles Dickens is one of my favorites. Just so you know. Loving your porch. Totally. Inviting me for a hot chocolate by the porch?

12/5/2011 10:55:15 pm

i love the golds and the creams, that's quickly becoming my favorite combo. what a great idea to use them on that could even go over a bird bath or something.


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