Is this a gross spider or what?  Yup!  Found it in my basil a week or two ago and had to take a photo.  It was HUGE!  It's also known as a black & yellow garden spider.

            The females are larger than the males and this one was almost full grown I think....it was about 1-1/2" big!  After reading up on them a bit I found out that the male spider will be somewhere close...and he was....he was about a foot away in another part of the basil, but he's just a brown spider and alot smaller...about 3/4" long.  I thought this was unusual because isn't it usually the female (birds anyway) that are the plain looking ones and the males are gorgeous colours?

            Both of them were spinning cone-like webs and the news I found out next freaked me out slightly.  The female lays about one thousand eggs and they hatch in the fall!  At this point I turned to Dan and said "Get that outta my garden!" or I'll be overrun with them next year and I know they don't bite and they're awesome because they eat all those nasty aphids and mosquitos, but really...do I want to be brushing up against them in every plant?  Unfortunately (well, depending on which way you look at it)  the female spider dies after laying her eggs into a sac.  The sac hatches with all the offspring in the fall, but they stay inside the sac until Spring!  That gives Dan a few months to take it to the river side of the house!  Hahaha!

            I'm really not a big spider fan, and not only are these precious little things out front, but down at the river we have giant dock spiders...even worse....they bite!  I'll try to catch a photo of one soon, but they are pretty quick!  They can swim too! 

            City girl meets country bugs......ew, ew, ew!

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