(This posting originally posted at My 1929 Charmer on May 25th)

We have worked our butts off!
Truly....and we still have much to do...just a little slower than most people!
I love gardening and a few years ago discovered flowers.  I know....just a few years
ago?  Yes, I always planted herbs...every herb imaginable it seemed and now
I plant herbs, flowers, and vegetables!  I love to make new additions to all
the types every year and wait with bated breath for the old flowers to
raise their sleepy heads and bloom!
The photos I'm going to show you today are of a large portion of our
front perennial & herb garden which we've been working hard at
cleaning up for Spring Blooms.  Keep in mind that many of the flowers
have not yet bloomed and still have a few weeks before they do here in Southern
Ontario.  The second portion which you may have seen in rough form in
my Greenhouse Hell posting, is about halfway complete, including a move
for the Greenhouse to a shadier spot.  Keep an eye out for my posting on this secondary section of our front yard to come out soon!

I have quite a few photos, so please bear with me!
One of the most important things ( I believe) you can do for your perennial
garden bed is to spread mulch.  It definitely keeps the weeds to about one third of
what they'd normally be.  We started about a month ago working the flower
beds we should have cleaned in the fall last year.  UGH!  I will for sure this year!
Check out these Before & After Pics!
Desolate, weed-ridden mess
Happy, refreshed & ready to start blooming!

Calm & Serene

Nooo...that's not a big white Eastern Milk Snake!
Note the missing Greenhouse in this photo...that's another story like I said!
At the end of it all, when you end up with a lovely entryway to your
front door winding through lush colourful (soon!) gardens, the
feeling of accomplishment is fantastic!
Here's a few more peeks at our peaceful place....
Front Entry...garden you've just seen winds around to the right of this photo.
Facing out from the front doorway
Dan found this piece of driftwood down at our dock a couple years ago!
Love this birdfeeder my youngest daughter Megan gave me for my birthday a few years back.
Thanks so much for visiting my happy place with me!

            Recently I bought this beautiful Japanese Willow plant at The Potting Shed in Dunnville!  I had seen it at a relative's home and tried to start it from a cutting, but I'm pretty sure the cutting has had the biscuit...although, I'll just wait a little longer to make sure.  This will grow up to 18 feet high apparently.  This one in the photo is in bloom right now (that was July).  They bloom for approximately 6 weeks and it's actually the variegated leaves that change to a beautiful powder pink colour during that time period...not an actual flower!  If you trim them in spring or fall, you can train them to stay as small bushes.  Breathtaking!

    Aunt Ethel's Gardening Hands. Isn't Life perfect?


            Years ago I took a distance learning course (in my not so free time) and received a certificate as a Natural Health Consultant.  I've always had a love of herbs, growing and using them and recently I've delved more into flower gardening.  If you have anything to add to my posts, please comment so others can gain your knowledge too!


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