Hi everyone!  As I stated on my home page, I'm re-formatting my site to ease the navigational abilities.  Now you'll be able to click on the "Categories" in the side-bar to be in the section you want to be in!  And, I'll be able to organize the herbs, flowers, helpful tips and preparations more fluidly.  It'll just take me a short time to transfer over the herbs and flowers from my other pages.  Thanks for reading up on herbs I love! 

Wendy :)
4/25/2012 04:07:10 pm

Herbs are also from plants. When the green leaves in a plant are used either fresh or dry the plant is traditionally referred to as an herb.


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            Years ago I took a distance learning course (in my not so free time) and received a certificate as a Natural Health Consultant.  I've always had a love of herbs, growing and using them and recently I've delved more into flower gardening.  If you have anything to add to my posts, please comment so others can gain your knowledge too!


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