These little pests are something new to me since living out here on the Grand.  I had never seen them before and last year was my first experience with them.  They will land on your basil as well as  roses, cucumber, okra and beans.  The fact that they land on edible plants prompted me to search for an organic method of dealing with them and I found one last year. 

          Brew very, very strong coffee....either espresso or just triple the amount of coffee granules you put in your maker.  Pour into a spray bottle and if using espresso...I add some water to it, because I have a Tassimo and the wee cups it makes are just not enough.  Add just a quick squeeze of dishsoap and shake.  Spray all over the leaves of your plant and respray after a rainfall.  They just fly away and maybe the odd one you'll have to flick off, but it seems to work very well for me!

3/25/2014 03:55:26 pm

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