Recently I bought this beautiful Japanese Willow plant at The Potting Shed in Dunnville!  I had seen it at a relative's home and tried to start it from a cutting, but I'm pretty sure the cutting has had the biscuit...although, I'll just wait a little longer to make sure.  This will grow up to 18 feet high apparently.  This one in the photo is in bloom right now (that was July).  They bloom for approximately 6 weeks and it's actually the variegated leaves that change to a beautiful powder pink colour during that time period...not an actual flower!  If you trim them in spring or fall, you can train them to stay as small bushes.  Breathtaking!

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            Years ago I took a distance learning course (in my not so free time) and received a certificate as a Natural Health Consultant.  I've always had a love of herbs, growing and using them and recently I've delved more into flower gardening.  If you have anything to add to my posts, please comment so others can gain your knowledge too!


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