You know how it wake up in the morning and pull something....
anything....out of the freezer, not having a clue what you're going to make for dinner!
That's what happened Monday!
So, I made it up with ingredients I had in my fridge.
I started with a boneless turkey breast and flattened it out using wax paper and a
very small cast iron frypan to bang it with....literally.
I then started gathering the ingredients for my creation!
Obviously, company wasn't coming over...thus the hot jalapenos!
I put a base of pesto rubbed over the turkey breast, some sun-dried
tomatoes, crumbled feta, green pickled jalapeno rings and topped it off
with coarse salt (lightly) and freshly ground pepper.
Yummy, yum, yum!
At this point you're going to roll it all up, starting at the small end.
Secure with string, wrapping around middle and then across to cover ends to keep your luscious ingredients inside or use the heat resistant silicone
elastics I love to use over and over again!
Set your oven to about 375F and place your turkey roll onto a rack.
Here, I just added some baby potatoes around it and a packet, left over from
the night before, holding a head of roasted garlic.  I had plans for my potatoes
when they were ready!
I ground some fresh Romano cheese onto the roast and
sprinkled oregano on top of that.  Cook for approx. 50-60 minutes.

When finished, slice into sections and serve with potatoes (which I slathered
roasted garlic all over!) and a nice green salad with balsamic dressing.
This was tender, tasty and delicious! 
Just leave out the jalapenos if you aren't disposed to heat in your food.
You can put whatever you like on your turkey breast because perhaps you
were thinking you'd like it more cordon bleu-y with some ham & swiss, or maybe
you have a favourite dip leftover from a recent gathering that has
avacados and salsa in it?  Just roll it up into flattened out meat of your choice
and roast to your hearts content!
I won't post a printable recipe here because you basically fly by the
seat of your pants and "create"!
I hope you'll try this Mediterranean Turkey Roll and let me know if you liked it?
I thought it was divine!