A subject that has always been near and dear to both Dan & I.  We both cook....different menu items from different cultures.  We mix things up and we use a lot of spices and fresh ingredients mostly.  Some of our recipes are tried and true that we've been making for years and added our own twists to and others are brand new to us that are to die for!  I'm hoping you'll take my word for it and just try a few of the many recipes I'm hoping to post here.  When the credit belongs to a cookbook or another blog, I'll definitely give the kudos away, but if you don't see any signs of referral, that means it's our recipe we just made up or tweaked so much, it became our very own!  We did have 5 kids at home for a majority of years and always fed a healthy dinner.  Dinner was the time to sit down and talk about our days.  We both worked 12hr shifts and so, the TV went off and it was the only time of day you could get almost everyone, or all or us, together!  Table Etiquette was taught, however in our family, not always adhered to...but we were just happy knowing they knew how to behave properly in public, but felt safe enough to horse around sometimes at the table.  Dan was probably the worst offender getting them going sometimes, but those were interesting years! 

        As you can see, I've changed my cooking page into a Blog page.  I believe this will be better for categorizing foods in the sidebar.  Learning, learning, learning.....

Bon Appetit!
6/24/2012 06:45:53 pm

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