_            Of course, I didn't eat all of it, but here's  what I ate for breakfast one morning in the Lighthouse Restaurant in Southampton!
            I had to!  It's mandatory!  I hadn't been there in two summers!  This is "The" Macedonian Omelet (Greek feta, spinach) from an old time restaurant...you know the kind....great big banquet booths (salmon coloured) that seat 8 on one side of the room and directly across the aisle, ones that seat 4, with more tables along the back. 

            They'd actually revamped the place during the time I missed going there and it's quite lovely now.  No longer does it have tacky pictures on the walls (they're now black & white stills) and the walls themselves are painted a soft green colour.  That's the only thing that changed.  The same owner/waitress was still working and she's very funny.  Everytime you are in there, you have a laugh caused by her quirky humour and they are soooo busy.  We had to wait for someone to finish eating.  Personally....I love that don't you....your staring at everyone eating their breakfast with longing in your eyes and they're averting theirs and rushing to eat so the next people can sit down....real comfortable!  hahahaha!   Oh and too funny.....my meal comes and out comes my (oops Dan's) iphone and I'm snapping photos of my breakfast...the people next to us are laughing at us and I look over at them and say "Doesn't everyone take photos of their breakfast?"  hahahaha!  Such a happy place!

_              Well, I truly did eat quite badly this past weekend.  I had pizza from Roberto's (ignore the first couple of reviews...they don't know what they're talking about!) on the Friday night.  That's another must have.  You order this pizza and you have to pick it up, cuz there's no delivery and it won't be ready for 1-1/2 hours  because they are sooooo busy as well!   But, when you get it....it's luscious with cheese and homemade sauce on a perfectly baked crust.  And, we ordered a large.....well......we had to have leftovers for lunch the next day didn't we?!

            My culinary experience this weekend was relaxed!  We did have some healthy things like spinach salad with Blueberry-Basil Dressing, chips, cold chicken (bbq whole) and quinoa salad, chickpea and black bean salad...not too much bread (seriously!), chips, yogurt, chips, bananas, chips,roasted marshmallows in Bailey's, chips.....hahahaha...no....we only had chips twice.  I joke!  But, it was just two chicks eating when we wanted, how we wanted and where we wanted.  How great was that?  Oh yah....and some beer, wine, vodka drinks....all spread out...all spread out!

_              Here's Nancy having her very first marshmallow dipped in Baileys on Sunday night!  And love it?  You better believe it...we pigged out on these puppies! 

            So, the moral of the story is....I only gained "2 ounces" this week!  Isn't that hysterically funny?  I thought I'd have gained mega pounds and when I stood on the scale this morning, it was 2 ounces....unbelievable!  Must have been that spinach salad huh?

            Now, I'll get serious with my diet.  It's October and it's time to buckle down...or is that buckle up?  My weekend away is over and I can continue happily on my healthy meal planning and swimming again! 

            Thanks again Nancy for a wonderful, happy weekend!

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